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40 Unique Virtual Secret Santa Gift Ideas For 2024

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If you are like me, who dreads Secret Santa gift exchanges, I totally get you. And now that we have to decide on the perfect virtual Secret Santa gift, your troubles might seem more than usual!

And why wouldn't it? Virtual gifts are so hard to get right. If you work from home, it can be hard to find (spy) subtle hints about what to give as a Secret Santa gift while also making sure that the gift you end up choosing appears genuine enough.

That is why I decided to lessen your concerns by compiling a list of virtual gift options that are either entirely digital or will be delivered to the recipient's door in no time.

So, suppose you're someone who scrambles at the last minute to get their Secret Santa gifts ready. In that case, these virtual gifts are your best bet for really shining at your company's virtual Secret Santa party!

The 40 Perfect Virtual Secret Santa Gifts For Remote Team Building


Fair warning. There will be a LOT of subscription-related gifts since we are all living in a remote world.

Remember that there is only one rule for gift-giving (even if it is virtual). Give people something that holds meaning to them.

If you want to give a gift to a colleague you've never met before, you can enlist the assistance of your company's HR department.

Now that we have got the basics out of the way let's dive straight in!

1. Luxury Coffee

I am sure that I speak for most working professionals that coffee is the fuel we all run on.

For someone who is always seen with a cup of joe in their hands at literally all times, the perfect virtual gift for them would be a luxury coffee set so that they can finally move on from the instant stuff.

It is as simple as popping up on the internet and finding tons of options ranging from specialty coffee, cold brew to exotic blends.

2. Meditation App Subscription

Let's be real. Post-2020 has not been pretty for our mental health. The added stress of losing our jobs during a pandemic has been chaotic and difficult for many.

It's in times like these that people seek inner peace. And I couldn't think of a better virtual gift than a subscription to a meditation app. While I personally vouch for Headspace, Calm is just as good.

3. Streaming Service Membership

Christmas is a holiday meant to be spent with friends and family, but many people will be spending it alone due to strict regulations everywhere.

Make their day a little less boring by giving them an O.T.T. subscription. That way, they can spend Christmas Day binge-watching nostalgic and heartwarming Christmas movies.

4. Grocery Delivery Service

Waiting in long grocery lines in 2021 is not a good place to be, especially when people have no concept of social distance. That is why a grocery delivery subscription, such as Amazon Pantry, makes for the ideal pandemic-era gift that is both useful and thoughtful.

5. Christmas Wreath


Image Source: Unsplash

A Christmas Wreath is perhaps the most iconic symbol of the Christmas spirit. It is more symbolic than a religious one, so everyone will appreciate receiving one as a gift. Any local florist will happily deliver it to the recipient's home (with a charge, of course).

6. Food Delivery Subscription

For the people who can't make an omelet to save their lives, a food delivery subscription is a particularly enticing gift to receive. Trust me when I say that it'll make any cooking-challenged people feel all kinds of grateful to you for gifting them this!

7. Audible Subscription

For any book-lover who is hard-pressed to find the time, this is the perfect virtual Secret Santa gift that you can give them.

Audible is perfect for catching up on your long-overdue reading list, simply when you are out for a run, commuting to the office, or even while you are working. With thousands of titles across different genres, authors, and years, the gift of an Audible subscription can make someone a very happy person.

8. Book Box Subscription

Not everyone is a fan of the Kindle or audiobooks. Some of us (including myself) enjoy curling up with a good book and a cup of coffee, especially when it's cold outside.

If you are the virtual Secret Santa for a "traditional" bookworm, the best gift you can give them is a book box subscription. These subscriptions usually send out new books once a month (for a set period) and include some fun book-related memorabilia.

9. Gift A MasterClass

We live in an era when the world's greatest chef, musician, fashion icon, or artist can become our teachers. All of this is possible because of MasterClass.

By gifting a subscription to this streaming platform, the recipient gets the opportunity to connect with their personal idols while learning a new craft from a true master.

10. Christmas Tree Ornaments


Image Source: Unsplash

What says Christmas more than some lovely and delicate Christmas tree ornaments? Meanwhile, such tree ornaments can be reused for many years, making them a gift that keeps on giving.

11. A Self-Care Package

Everybody needs a self-care day, especially when working from home and dealing with the current stress of juggling work and personal life. If someone on your list sounded particularly stressed out during your Zoom meetings, perhaps a luxurious self-care package would be the perfect gift for them.

12. Tickets To Virtual Events

The variety of virtual events that have emerged since 2020 is mind-boggling, ranging from virtual concerts to stand-up shows to online exhibitions. A ticket to one of these virtual events is an excellent Secret Santa gift idea for an extrovert who has been missing out on their usual activities.

13. Spotify

Everybody knows a colleague who refuses to pay for a Spotify premium subscription and is content to listen to the annoying ads. If you're the Secret Santa of a person like this, a Spotify Premium subscription is the best thing to give them so that they can listen to a Christmas playlist without being interrupted every 5 minutes.

14. Socks

We all know someone who wears the funkiest of socks that you can think of. Help them amp up their fashion (and comfort) game by gifting them some incredible socks with cool patterns, colors, and materials. You can also gift them a socks subscription that delivers new socks on a monthly basis.

P.S. I especially love the fuzzy socks that scream "Christmas"!

15. Luxury Bathroom Kit


Image Source: Unsplash

Because most people do not like to splurge on luxury bathroom items, receiving one from someone else can be a wonderful gift. Handmade soap, fun bath bombs, scented candles, heavenly body lotion...the list of customizations are endless.

16. Makeup Classes!

Are you the Secret Santa of someone who is a makeup enthusiast but not quite an expert? Boost their progress by gifting them a membership to virtual makeup classes, which will help them become pro by the time next Christmas arrives!

17. Donating To A Charity

Christmas is a season of giving, and nothing exemplifies this more than making someone who is less fortunate feel less alone. As a virtual Secret Santa, the best virtual gift for someone kind and compassionate would be to donate to a worthy cause in their name.

18. Adopting An Animal

No, we are not advocating for the gifting of animals, but many state and local zoos allow people to symbolically "adopt" an animal. This service is viewed as a means of educating the public about the importance of saving endangered species.

So, if you happen to be the Secret Santa of an animal lover or a generally wonderful person, adopting an adorable animal from your local zoo in their name can be a very meaningful gift.

19. Holiday Candles

Something about Christmas inspires every candle manufacturer (we're looking at you, Bath & Body Works!) to create incredibly delicious-smelling new candles.

So, if you're the virtual Secret Santa for any candle-aficionado, you can give them some Christmas-scented candles to really get into the holiday spirit! Or, if you know them well enough, you can help them restock on their old favorites too.

20. Lava Lamps


Image Source: Unsplash

As someone who enjoys the dark a little too much, a lava lamp is my preferred method of creating a whimsical vibe to my evenings. It can be an ideal bedside addition to stare at while falling asleep.

I've given a few to friends and have received no complaints so far. So, if you have a night owl, like me, on your Secret Santa list, this is an incredibly cool and one-of-a-kind gift.

21. Movie Memorabilia

This is for all those Harry Potter, Star Wars, Marvel, or Lord of the Rings fanatics who live, breathe, and live these movies. Even with die-hard fans (who are also avid collectors), you can go with safe options such as keychains, printed T-shirts, or character figurines!

22. Help Them In Upskilling

I've found the ideal virtual gift for someone always eager to know more, learn more, and be more‚ÄĒ membership to e-learning platforms.

With affordable platforms like Udemy, Skillshare, and LinkedIn Learning and the fact that remote work makes learning on the go easier than ever before, this is an incredibly useful gift that your intellectual coworker will love!

23. Virtual Museum Pass

I am not an outdoorsy person, but I am an artist. That means I miss going to museums and being able to gaze at art for hours on end. If you have someone like me on your list, a virtual pass to a museum will definitely be the ideal virtual Secret Santa gift for them.

24. Snacks Hamper

If anyone on your virtual team is always seen snacking on something, putting together and sending a snack basket is a great way to wish them a Merry Christmas! Along with popcorn, chips, and possibly some healthy alternatives, you can add dips like hot sauce, guacamole, and chili oil!

25. Virtual Trainer


Image Source: Unsplash

This is an ideal virtual Secret Santa gift for a member of your virtual team who has expressed an interest in improving their overall well-being. With this gift, they can begin immediately or wait until the New Year to truly begin transforming themselves into leading healthier lives.

26. Wine Subscription

A wine subscription is perhaps one of the most coveted Secret Santa gift ideas that I could think of. Snowy nights, a nice glass of wine, and twinkling Christmas lights. It sounds truly magical, doesn't it?

On top of that you can make it extra special by adding personalized Christmas messages for your employees and make the festive season wholesome.

27. Crafting Supplies

Do you know anyone on your virtual team who enjoys D.I.Y. or handicrafts such as knitting? You can put together a gift basket of crafting supplies and help them spend their Christmas Day bonding with family, friends, and others.

28. Art Kit

Art can be an incredible therapeutic tool, especially for people who are experiencing extreme stress, anxiety, or loneliness. It can also simply be a fun hobby to pursue. An art kit containing doodle pens, pencils, a sketchbook, and colors are the ideal Secret Santa gift for all the creative people on your list!

29. Amazon Gift Cards

Despite all of these virtual Secret Santa gift suggestions, there may be some people for whom you have no idea what to buy. For such situations, Amazon gift cards are an ideal virtual present for them.

It prevents you from giving them a completely useless gift while also ensuring that the recipient can use their gift card to purchase whatever they desire.

Wouldn't this be a win-win situation?

30. Crystals


Image Source: Unsplash

This virtual Christmas gift is not for everyone, but if you have someone on your Secret Santa list interested in spirituality, gifting a crystal is a meaningful way to make them feel special and appreciated.

Also, given that most people are likely to look down upon such interests, it is a thoughtful gesture on your part to present them with something like this.

Selenite, clear quartz, and birthstones are all excellent beginner crystals to give as gifts!

31. Amazon Prime Subscription

No, this isn't your average O.T.T. subscription. Amazon Prime members receive incredible discounts, same-day delivery, and full access to Amazon's streaming services. What more could you want from a single gift?

32. Uber Gift Cards

Cover the cost of their next ride(s) by giving an Uber gift card to the person who is always late for every event.

33. Sleep Tracking App Subscription

Do you know that person who always appears to be in desperate need of a good night's sleep? A Secret Santa gift of a sleep tracking app, such as Calm, can help them not only sleep better but also track the quality of their sleep.

34. Pet Supplies

Gifting pet supplies to someone on your virtual team who has a pet can greatly help because the costs can add up. I am confident that it is a virtual gift that the recipient will greatly appreciate.

Toys and blankets can also be given as gifts. BTW, you are going to make a good boy or girl very, very happy.

35. House Plants


Image Source: Unsplash

Houseplants are truly amazing. They are low maintenance, beautiful to look at and filter the room's air quality. Honestly, what more would you want from a Secret Santa gift?

I recommend gifting snake plants, peace lily, cacti, or succulents for beginners.

36. Adobe Creative Membership

This is the ideal virtual gift for the person on your Secret Santa list who is extremely creative but is afraid to pursue it more seriously. Hopefully, it will be the catalyst that awakens them to their true potential.

37. Virtual Language Classes

The excitement of receiving and opening gifts isn't the only positive aspect of Secret Santa gift exchanges. It could also be about discovering something exciting or learning something completely new, such as a foreign language you've wanted to learn for the past five years.

If you have someone like this on your Secret Santa list, go ahead and gift them a membership to language classes. Trust me. They will thank you for it when they are in France years later and can converse with a waiter instead of only saying "Oui."

38. Sponsor A Child's Education

This is one of the most touching and meaningful gifts you can give. It's not just about giving money to support a child's education. It's about giving them the tools they need to advance in their lives and achieve their goals.

I am certain that if you perform such a deed in the name of your recipient, you will have fulfilled the true spirit of Christmas!

39. Virtual Cooking Classes!

Have you got someone on your online Secret Santa list who is crazy about cooking, but their efforts don't match their enthusiasm? Or is it someone who is a gifted cook looking to expand your skills in a professional setting?

Make their holiday fun by gifting them virtual cooking classes that will allow them to explore their talents in a safe but enjoyable environment.

The bonus? It can be the perfect way to bond during Christmas time with family, friends, and others at home.

40. Christmas Confectionery


Image Source: Unsplash

Nothing says "Christmas" more than this. You can send custom-made Christmas cookies, cakes, candies, or even a gingerbread house if you're really into the holiday spirit.

There are also options for curating a hamper of assorted treats so that you can give someone the best of both worlds!

Most bakeries are willing to deliver their goods, and what could be more special than receiving some warm and delectable treats? The added benefit here is that you would be assisting local businesses at a time when they require all the support they can get.

Some FAQs


Q. What is virtual Secret Santa?

A: It's similar to a Secret Santa gift exchange, with the exception that it's entirely virtual. While it may appear to be a novel concept, Reddit has been hosting one of the most anticipated Secret Santa events (Reddit Secret Santa) virtually since well before 2020.

Q. How to pick a virtual Secret Santa?

A: If you work in human resources, you should use an online Secret Santa generator. My personal recommendation for this is the White Elephant online Secret Santa gift generator. Furthermore, make sure to establish a budget, so that gift givers do not go overboard and cause any awkwardness.

Q. How to make virtual Secret Santa fun?

A: Firstly, set a budget. Secondly, ensure that the gift will be meaningful or at least useful to the recipient. Thirdly, sit back and take this as an opportunity to exchange gifts, bond, and have fun with your virtual team.

Which Virtual Secret Santa Gift Ideas Did You Like the Best?

If it were up to me, I would have loved to do a Yankee swap, but that's simply out of the question this year, for sure. So, what virtual Secret Santa gift would you like to get this holiday season? We'd love to hear your thoughts!

This article is written by Barasha Medhi who is a part of the marketing team at Vantage Circle. Barasha can be found either searching for interesting HR buzzwords to write about or looking at pictures of cozy Bel Air mansions. For any related queries, contact editor@vantagecircle.com.

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