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10 Great Virtual Halloween Activities For Remote Teams In 2024

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Trick or Treat! But this time, there is a twist. This year is all about virtual Halloween activities, but we promise to show you how to make it exciting!

Yes, it’s that time of year when the chilly air and hollowed-out pumpkins lend a sense of mystery. But as a manager, you need to think beyond the spookiness factor. With work from home still prevalent, you need to create a new virtual experience for the employees. Indeed, this is the perfect time to “treat” your employees and reduce stress by engaging them in some fun virtual Halloween activities!

But the question is, how to get started?

Worry not. This article aims to provide you with some fantastic Halloween ideas which you can try out with your virtual team this Halloween.

10 Fun Virtual Halloween Ideas For Your Remote Employees

1. Organize Costume Contest

Now this one is the most common and happening thing you can do during Halloween. Organize a costume contest, set a theme, and ask the employees to develop their best costumes. This will enable them to become creative and help them bring their A-game.


Image Source: Unsplash

Organize a video call and invite the employees to join the event. Announce the different categories for which winners will be selected. Ask your employees to cast votes for each category which makes the contest even and fair. Once all the votes are tallied, announce the winner and hand them gift cards.

Allow the winners to choose their desired gift cards.

2. Halloween Themed Treat Bags

Halloween is incomplete without Halloween candy and treats.

Now with remote working, it makes it difficult to hand the treats to the employees physically. But there is a solution to it. You can order Halloween-themed treat bags for everyone in the organization and send it to their doorsteps. The treat bags can include various candies, chocolates, and drinks that match the theme.


Image Source: Freepik

Make sure you plan ahead of time and execute it flawlessly so that no one is left out. Keep everything under a budget and be mindful of everyone’s dietary restrictions.

Ask your employees to fill up forms about what they want in their treat bags.

3. Decorating The Home WorkSpace

You might miss out on decorating your workplace and the cubes you sit in due to remote work. But there is a solution to it. You can ask your employees to decorate their workspace or set a theme that makes it easy for them.


Image Source: Unsplash

This allows employees to have some fun and destress from work. It will help them enjoy the process of transforming their workspace into something spooky. Moreover, you can turn it into a contest and hand out gift hampers to the employees with the scariest decorations.

The scarier it is, the better it gets!

4. Hosting Halloween Themed Games

Halloween is all about wizards and witches. And when we talk about them, the famous Gandalf and Harry Potter come to our mind. As a manager, you need to create a list of games that can be virtually organized. Make sure that the games are easy to understand and fun to play at the same time.


Image Source: Pexels

Some of the virtual games you can host are:

  • Murder mystery games

  • The Zombie game

  • Halloween Themed trivia questions

  • Guess who?

The aim is to bridge the communication gap and let everyone bond well. And with the element of fun employees are more likely to indulge themselves. This will make things engaging and will form a part of good team-building activities.

Allow the employees to become the characters they want to and ask them to develop their own story.

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5. Pumpkin Carving Contest

It’s Halloween, and there are no Jack-o-Lanterns? Pumpkin carving and decorations are Halloween staples. Without them, there would be no Halloween. It’s a tradition to have carved pumpkins, or else Jack will go missing, isn’t it?

To virtually celebrate Halloween, you can create a contest where employees can participate willingly. The rules are simple, the one with the scariest carved pumpkin wins the contest.


Image Source: Unsplash

Make sure that you reimburse the employees for their expenditure. Furthermore, include prizes for the winners so that there is active participation. Organizing such competitions will test the employee’s creativity and innovative thinking.

6. Eerie Invitations

Inviting your employees to the virtual Halloween party should be interesting and engaging. A monotonous invitation will see less participation, and employees will be less enthusiastic. This is why the invitations should go well with the theme.

You can either invite them through email or send a postal invitation. But remember that it should be scary, weird, and mysterious.


Image Source: Stocksnap

Make sure that the email you send includes a creepy background with a ghostly font. And the postal invitation, you can experiment with different colors and uncanny things. Furthermore, you can create Halloween-themed social media posts about your virtual activities to spread the word.

7. Create A Spooky Playlist

There is music for every occasion. And without music, Halloween might seem a bit bland. After all, it’s the music that makes it even scarier and more happening.

A very fun virtual activity can be sharing or curating a playlist with the collaboration of the employees. Each employee will suggest their favorite song, which they find unsettling. Every suggested song will then be added to the playlist by the team leader.


Image Source: Stocksnap

In this way, a Halloween playlist can be created and shared among the employees to make it more eventful and melodious.

8. Invest In Virtual Halloween Entertainment

Virtual Halloween activities are a great way to celebrate Halloween with your remote workforce. But organizing a virtual entertainment program will make it more memorable and fun.

To do that:

  • Hire a DJ for a fun musical night (can include songs from the “Spooky playlist”)

  • Organize ghost storytelling sessions

  • Book a magician to showcase their magic skills

  • Live tarot card readings

  • Include various virtual Halloween games


Image Source: Stocksnap

And you can add much more to the list. Get creative and make everyone comfortable with the events you select in the entertainment list. The aim should be to maximize engagement, improve connection and let everyone enjoy their time together.

9. Virtual Trick or Treat

We are never old enough for a Halloween trick or treat tradition, aren’t we? Since we are doing everything virtually now, why not do a Virtual trick or treat? But wait, how does that work?

Get creative on how you want to trick or treat virtually. Make sure that it is understandable and less time-consuming. Below is just an example of how you can do it-

  • First of all, organize a virtual meeting with the team members.
    When everyone joins in, pick random team members and ask them to choose the one they will be trick or treating. The twist here is that one team member will ask the other a trick question.

  • The team member who will ask the question can select anyone to answer the question.

  • If the team member gets a wrong answer, they will receive a treat from the one who gives the wrong answer.

  • However, if they get a correct answer, they have to treat the team member who gives the right answer.


Image Source: Unsplash

The treats can include gift coupons or online food ordering of choice by the winner, and the loser has to pay for them. Quite easy and fun, right? Try it and add your twist to the game.

Stick to a Halloween theme!

10. Virtual Haunted House Tour

Haunted houses and Halloween go well together and it’s a staple you would not want to miss. However, with remote working the physical tour is next to impossible. But you can definitely organize a virtual tour for your employees which forms a significant part of Halloween entertainment.

There are a variety of virtual haunted home tours to choose from. Some of them are listed below:


Image Source: Unsplash

You could also find virtual tours on youtube. These virtual tours are guaranteed to give you the chills and thrills of an actual tour. If it gets creepier with time just switch the tab and continue the scary journey.

Summing it Up!

These virtual Halloween activities should aim to build a good relationship with the employees while enjoying at the same time. With the help of unique virtual ideas, you can increase engagement and productivity while reducing employee burnout.

Mrinmoy Rabha is a content writer and digital marketer at Vantage Circle. He is an avid follower of football and passionate about singing. For any related queries, contact editor@vantagecircle.com

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