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25 Wonderful and Thoughtful Thanksgiving Gifts For Employees

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The holiday season is quickly approaching, bringing a sense of happiness and joy to all of our workplaces. However, these holidays bring some new responsibilities for HR professionals, such as finding the perfect Christmas gifts or Thanksgiving gifts for employees. This is where we step in and help you find the perfect corporate gift ideas.

What is Thanksgiving, and Why is it Celebrated?

Thanksgiving is a national holiday observed each year in the United States and Canada to commemorate the harvest and other blessings of the past year. It is a day to express gratitude to those who have made a difference in your life.

Surely, your employees have significantly impacted how the organization is run throughout the year. And now is the ideal time to thank them for their dedication and hard work before the holiday season begins.

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When is Thanksgiving celebrated?

Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November every year. The date keeps shifting each year, and in 2022 it will be celebrated on the 24th of November.

But where do you start with the Thanksgiving gifts for your employees? If that is the case, this article will help you with the perfect gifts for them.

Let’s delve in.

25 Thanksgiving Gifts That Your Employees Will Love

1. Socks Gift Set

Winter is almost upon us, and giving your employees a set of warm and funky socks is a great idea for a Thanksgiving gift. You can include themes like Christmas, cartoon characters, and others in the sock set. You can explore various materials and prints that your employees will adore.


2. Winter Comfy Box

Gifting your employees this Thanksgiving with a winter comfy box is another great idea. You can include hoodies, beanies, gloves, and anything that goes well with the winter. Also, ensure that the stuff you will include in your box is cool and fits in well with the younger employees.

3. Subscriptions

Spending time with friends and family is the centerpiece of the holiday season. And one of the best ways to do so is to watch popular television shows together. As a Thanksgiving gift for employees, you can provide them with a yearly subscription to one of the many OTTs available.


4. Self-Care Gift Set

Self-care has become such an essential part of a person’s life. Be it skincare or personal hygiene; people have started to invest in it. So, this Thanksgiving, you can gift your employees self-care kits that cater to their needs and requirements for the upcoming festive season.

5. Box Full of Tech Items

Some employees are tech lovers and always look forward to upcoming technology. And as Thanksgiving gifts for employees, you can opt for a tech box that includes the latest technological stuff like headphones, a smart mug, a 3-in-1 charging station, etc. Just be wary about the budget and how you utilize them to come up with the best tech set.


6. Bluetooth Speaker for the Festivities

Bluetooth speakers make up one of the best Thanksgiving gifts for employees. Everyone loves it, and the upcoming festivities will be the perfect time to gift it. With it, the employees can spread happiness with joyful songs and sing with everyone.

7. A Pet Set for the Pet Lovers

This is for animal lovers who have pets in their homes. This Thanksgiving, you can gift them a pet set that will cater to the needs of their pets. The set can include towels, harnesses, pet tags, collars, pet foods, etc. Ensure that it covers the basic needs that the pets will love.


8. Wide Range of Gift Cards

One of the best ideas as a Thanksgiving gift for employees is to give away a wide range of gift cards. This will allow the employees to buy the things they want whenever they want. It gives them the flexibility to choose from various options that will help them acquire the necessary things.

9. Customizable Lunch Boxes

Some employees love home-cooked meals and are always willing to spend money on lunch boxes. A customizable lunch box will be a perfect gift for these employees. These lunchboxes have specific compartments that provide the flexibility to alter them according to the food selection.


10. Cool Backpacks

Backpacks are still a thing in the present working scene, and the better versions are backpacks equipped with chargers and different compartments with varied functionalities. You can gift them to your tech-savvy employees that are always in a rush and love to work while traveling.

11. Scented Candles

Scented candles are another great idea that you can opt for as Thanksgiving gifts for employees. They help with decorations during the festive season while spreading a sweet aroma when they are lit. These are perfect for employees who love decorating their homes during any festivities.


12. Thoughtful Travelling Kit

The holiday season means the traveling season. Most employees plan a trip with their family members during the festive season. And to ease their traveling efforts, you can gift them a traveling kit that will include the necessities required for travel.

13. Smartwatches

Smartwatches are now the trend, and with a millennial workforce, they will love this as a Thanksgiving gift. Explore a wide range of smartwatches available in the market and choose the best that fits your budget. You can also personalize them to add a special touch.


14. Kitchen Essentials for Chefs

We personally love this one! Why? Because, in some way, most, if not all, have inner chefs in them. Some employees are open about it, while others keep it an open secret. So, to help these in-house chefs, gift them a kitchen essentials box to assist them in their cooking.

A cookie box with a variety of cookies from all around the world will be another perfect gift for Thanksgiving. Afterall, Thanksgiving is all about food and giving. Try out different cookie boxes available in the market, or ask a vendor to customize a box for your employees.


16. Wine Set

Wine is something that goes well with a Thanksgiving dinner. People love having them, which is a perfect way to enjoy a meal with your family. Gift a wine set to your employees this Thanksgiving so that they can cheer the festive season.

17. Coffee and Tea Kit

Some employees are not very fond of wines. However, they might be fond of tea or coffee. And to meet their needs this Thanksgiving, you can gift them a coffee or tea kit. Make sure that these kits include a wide variety of coffee and tea so that they can enjoy their chilly evening.


18. Dry Fruits and Snacks

Dry fruits and snacks go well with wine, coffee, or tea. Your wine and tea lovers will adore a box filled with dry fruits and snacks, which they will enjoy having with their beverages.

19. Essential Oils

The festive season is about enjoying time together with the family. But in between all that celebrations, it is essential to take care of personal health. And to support that cause, a box full of essential oils as a gift makes perfect sense this festive season. Not only are they beneficial for your health, but they also light up the mood with their aroma.


20. Gardening Kits

You might have noticed employees that are quite fond of plants. Their desks are filled with succulent plants and keep adding to the lot. So, to encourage their love for plants, you can gift them a gardening kit this Thanksgiving. Ensure that the kit includes all the essential and basic tools required for gardening.

21. Home Decor Essentials

Ah, this one is what we think most of your employees will love. Festivities call for home decorations and how one can get creative with them. And to assist them with it, you can gift them home decor essentials or provide them with a budget. This will allow the flexibility to buy the things they need that fit best in their home setting.


22. Memberships for the Wellness of Your Employees

Gym memberships or mental health wellness sessions are the perfect corporate gifts this Thanksgiving. Not everyone is fond of enjoying the festivities. Some just like to hit the gym or take care of their mental health when they get time. And as a Thanksgiving gift, you can provide them with wellness memberships to assist them in their cause.

23. Board Games

Board games are another excellent holiday gift that employees can enjoy with their families. The good thing about board games is that you can choose from a wide range of games. These are quite fun to play and are a perfect way to enjoy the festivities.


24. Polaroid Cameras

Festivities are all about making good memories with family and loved ones. And to help out your employees with that, you can gift them a polaroid camera if you have a big enough budget. These cameras will allow employees to develop pictures instantly and frame them as they want.

25. Desk Essentials

Organizations are slowly shifting to the hybrid model of work after the pandemic. This has enabled the employees to maintain a good balance between work and life. But that does not mean responsibilities stop.

Be it at home or the workplace, desk essentials are important. And it is one of the thoughtful gift ideas you can add to your Thanksgiving list. Some desk essentials include a desk mat, pen stand, dust wiper, etc. You can add more to the list so that employees find them useful.


Summing it Up!

So, are you ready with your best Thanksgiving gifts for your employees? If not, then now is the time to check out the list and select the best one that fits your needs. Remember to add a personal touch with awesome Thanksgiving messages and keep the gifts thoughtful. One of the key factors is the usability of the gifts and how it will help the employees. Make this year’s Thanksgiving wholesome and memorable for your employees by showing them gratitude with these gifts.

Mrinmoy Rabha is a content writer and digital marketer at Vantage Circle. He is an avid follower of football and passionate about singing. For any related queries, contact editor@vantagecircle.com

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