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How To Have A Successful “Take Your Child To Work” Day 2024

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If you are looking for something different that is going to boost your employee engagement, then having a "Take your child to work" day is a great idea.

In the US, Australia and Canada, “Take Your Child to Work” Day, also called “Take Our Daughters and Sons To Work” day is an annual event that happens every April. It was originally called Take Our Daughters to Work Day, but in 2003, it was changed to include sons as well as daughters.

Working parents may find that their children have no real idea what they do for a living. So, the annual “Take Your Child to Work” Day is the perfect opportunity for them to show their kids what they do all day.

It's important to take some time before your "Take your Child to Work" day and make sure you plan this right. You never know you could be making memories that will last a lifetime.

Keep reading to know all about "Take your Child to Work" day!

When is the National “Take Your Child To Work” Day Celebrated?

The United States celebrates the “Take Your Child To Work” day on the fourth Thursday in April each year. So, this year it is on Thursday, 25th April.

In Australia, it is celebrated on January 5th. Canada celebrates it on or around November 7th every year.

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What is the Purpose of National “Take your Child to Work” Day?

The goal of “take your child to work” day is to give kids an idea of what their parents do for a living, and why it’s so important. While many businesses are still celebrating “take your child to work” days, they are not as common as they used to be.

The whole point of this day is to introduce kids to various career fields, inspire them to pursue careers they are interested in. It is also aimed to increase the understanding between children and parents about the family’s lifestyle.

Employers can also invite children from various shelters and provide them with an opportunity to learn various lines of work. Having a “Take Your Child to Work Day'' is also a great way to encourage self-esteem and career exploration for underprivileged children.

Financial and social barriers often limit the career exploration opportunities for these underprivileged children. This day allows them an opportunity to understand all of the exciting opportunities that await them in the future.

Ways to Celebrate “Take Your Child To Work Day”

Here are some fun activities that you can try for a special “take your child to work” day!

1. Job Fair

On "Take Your Child to Work" day, an in-office job fair can be a great way to show teens the ins and outs of working at a business.

Most teens are looking for direction on which field or career they want to pursue. Inviting them to see what it takes to work at the company can be a helpful experience. Employees can give presentations about their jobs and responsibilities, so teens can see how different departments collaborate with each other.

2. Salesperson of the Day

You can organize a “salesperson of the day” event for the children visiting your office. This is a great way to teach the kids about the importance of customer service and how to interact with people.

Remember to keep it fun and simple such as selling candy bars to everyone in the office.

3. Crisis Simulation

Give the children a series of challenges or false company crises to solve together. For example, you might tell them that there’s a password security breach. Then, ask them to contact a specific person at the company.

This will teach them real-world skills that they can use down the track when they’re ready for their first work. This will also push them to work together and innovate, while also teaching them how to work under pressure.

4. Ad Assignment

An advertising assignment is a great way to get the children to practice critical thinking and creativity.

Create an assignment where the kids have a product or a service to sell, and then have them create an advertisement for it. You can put them in teams of two or three.

If they like to draw, have them make signs and graphics for the business. They can even create a script for the ad and perform it.

5. Personal Assistant Role

Make the children assist other employees. You can make them do simple things like file papers, or take notes. It will develop their sense of responsibility and also they will learn how to manage the time and tasks.

Making the children assist other employees will allow them to learn and interact with different members of the staff. This will help them to grow and become more mature in their actions and interactions with others.

6. Quiz Time

Quiz games are a fun way to get the kids to work together as a team, which will help them bond and interact with each other.

Divide the kids into teams. Prepare a list of questions, and award points for each correct answer. Do this for about 10 minutes. In the end, the team with the most points is the winner.

You can play a game like Trivia, Pictionary or Charades.

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Do’s and Don’ts of Celebrating “Take Your Child To Work” Day

To have a memorable “Take your Child to Work” Day, here’s a list of do’s and don’ts.

Do's Don'ts
Prepare yourself and your child for the day by learning what to expect. Don’t make everything professional. Realize that your child may feel intimidated being in a work environment for the first time. Lighten up and keep it fun.
Have a caregiver at the ready to take care of your child if they can't make it through the day. Kids have a shorter attention span. Make sure you have enough plans to keep your child occupied.
Let the school know that your child will be with you for the day, instead of in class. Don't schedule important or lengthy meetings on Take Your Child to Work Day.
Introduce your child to other employees and tell them what each one of them does. If your child is unwilling to go, do not try to force them. It will only make the day difficult for you.
Talk with your child after the day has ended. Find out what they thought about your job, your workplace, and the event. Your child should not visit a place with heavy machinery or potentially dangerous equipment unless they are teenagers.

Celebrating “Take Your Child To Work” Day Remotely

As for many parents, remote work has become a way of life, and with that, every day has become 'Take Your Child to Work Day.'

With homeschooling schedules mirroring their parents' work, kids are particularly curious and interested in what their parents do when they are working.

Even in a remote working environment, there are still plenty of activities you can do and encourage their interests, without leaving the house!

You can organize fun-filled virtual interactive activities, meet and greet with your colleagues, and much more!

Here’s how SAP celebrated their first ever virtual “Take your child to work” day in 2020.

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Children are extremely impressionable and when they see their parents in a leadership role, they’re more likely to want to grow up to be the same.

“Take your child to Work” day is an excellent opportunity for your kids who are trying to find their career path. This can be especially helpful for high school and college students.

It’s also a chance to liven up your office with new, excited faces.

Thadoi Thangjam is a Digital Marketing Executive at Vantage Circle. When she’s not geeking out over content strategies, she is probably hunting for the next perfect track to add to her playlist. For any related queries, contact editor@vantagecircle.com

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