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10 Amazing St. Patricks' Day Ideas For Work

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St. Patrick's day is a worldwide celebration of joy and excitement. But who said it couldn't be celebrated in the workplace?

Allow mischief and adventure to take over for a day at work and spread smiles to boost employee morale. And if you're still looking for good St. Patrick's Day ideas for work, this article is for you. Entertain your employees and make St. Patrick's Day memorable for them.

What is St. Patricks' Day and the History behind it?

St. Patrick's Day is the feast day of St. Patrick, Ireland's patron saint. Originally marked by religious feasts and services, St. Patrick's Day evolved to be a secular celebration of Irish culture when Irish immigrants arrived in the United States.

In the fifth century, St. Patrick was an Irish missionary credited with introducing Christianity to the country. By the end of the seventh century, he had become a legendary figure and is now considered the patron saint of Ireland.

Born in Romain Britain, in the late 4th century, St. Patrick was kidnapped at 16 and taken to Ireland as a slave. By the time of his death on March 17, 461, he had established monasteries, churches, and schools. Ireland came to commemorate his death with religious services and feasts. On March 17 each year, Saint Patrick's Day is observed and celebrated.

Another significance of St. Patricks' Day is the color green. Leprechauns are one of the reasons you should wear green on St. Patrick's Day‚ÄĒor risk being pinched! The custom is based on folklore, claiming that wearing green makes you invisible to leprechauns, who like to pinch anyone they see.

10 Ways To Celebrate St. Patricks' Day in the Workplace

The day is intended to be filled with joy and festivities for everyone. And, with the world resuming normalcy in the aftermath of the pandemic, celebrating this joyful day with your coworkers is a great idea. Here are a few St. Patrick's Day ideas for your workplace to help you recharge and enjoy the day with your coworkers.

1. Start The Day With Green Beverages


As green is the color of St. Patricks' Day, why not start the day by providing each employee with a beverage that resembles it. Ensure that the beverage itself is green in color(no cheating here).

Maintain a variety of options so that employees can select from a wide range of beverages. Also, make sure that everyone is aware of the beverage's ingredients, as some people may be allergic to certain ingredients.

2. Tune Into Some Classic Irish Music


Music is something that goes well with every occasion. Curate a playlist specific to St. Patricks' Day to create a pleasant work environment. Keep in mind that the playlist includes a wide variety of songs that everyone likes and it should also include Irish music.

Also, you can ask your employees to include their favorite Irish songs so that the playlist stays fresh and enjoyable.

3. Organize a Leprechaun Adventure

We all know the folklore behind Leprechaun and its relation with St. Patricks' Day. Going with the story of being mischievous, you can organize a similar adventure for everyone.

You can try out different pranks with your employees and coworkers, or you can just come up with a storyline where you need to find the hidden pot of gold. Ensure that the winners get rewarded handsomely so that there is good engagement among the workforce while incorporating fun.

4. Decorate the Workplace


Decorating the workplace is another exciting activity that you can organize in the workplace. It improves team bonding, but it also provides an opportunity for the employees to get creative and think outside the box.

Cover all the costs your workforce will spend on decorations and award the team with the best decoration. This will encourage the employees to participate actively and make the day more fruitful.

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5. Fun Costume Competition


Organizing a traditional Irish costume competition is another great activity that you can include on St. Patricks' Day. Ask your employees to dress up the way they want but make sure that everyone sticks to the Irish theme.

To further increase participation, introduce different titles and awards that the best employees with the coolest dress will receive. Doing so will allow the employees to become more involved in the event and make the day successful.

6. Team-Building Activities


Another great way to celebrate St. Patricks' Day at work is by actively indulging in team-building activities. These activities are your gateway to building good workplace relationships. Moreover, it can be the ice-breaker for any new joiner in the organization.

Team-building activities can include-

  • Mystery Dinner

  • Human Knot

  • Scavenger Hunt

  • Two truths and a lie

  • Blindfold Challenge, and many more.

Make sure that the activities are enjoyable and less time-consuming.

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7. St. Patricks' Day Themed Lunch


After an eventful day, those hungry epicureans will be in desperate need of some good food. You can plan a team lunch, especially themed around St. Patrick's Day. Include Irish foods that are commonly eaten on this day, as well as the availability of all beverages(green beer, maybe!).

Try to ensure that no one is left out and that everyone enjoys the food. This will make everyone feel valued, and everyone will have a great time at the event.


Treats are something that everyone has a soft spot for. It can include Irish themed chocolates or freshly baked cookies. And that is something which you can do on a festive day. You can organize a cookie contest with the Irish theme.

Make it clear that the cookies should be well decorated, green in color, and resemble St. Patricks' Day. This will create a fun and festive atmosphere while incorporating a friendly competitive nature into everyone.

9. Screen a St. Patricks' Day Themed Movie


Another exciting way to commemorate St. Patrick's Day is to watch an Irish-themed film movie. Choose a time when everyone can watch the movie together.

Choose comedy movies that will lighten the mood and keep the festivities enjoyable. Also, keep in mind that the movie is brief so that the employees are not bored. A good movie with the good company will make everyone's day even better.

10. Spread warm wishes with cards

Hand out handmade cards to end the day with warm wishes. This will give the day a more personal touch and make the employees will feel good about themselves.

Furthermore, it will demonstrate that the organization values each employee's emotions, thereby improving overall morale. This will also showcase a fantastic work culture that is people driven and employee oriented.

Summing It Up!

Celebrating St. Patricks' Day at work should be about having fun and a grand feast. Make sure that you add to these ideas and plan it beforehand to make it a successful event. Ask your employees for ideas that you can include and make them a part of your planning process. The more ideas you have, the better it will be for you to celebrate the day.

Mrinmoy Rabha is a content writer and digital marketer at Vantage Circle. He is an avid follower of football and passionate about singing. For any related queries, contact editor@vantagecircle.com

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