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Revolutionizing Employee Engagement: Insights on Rewards and Recognition

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Rewards and recognition are crucial in today's workplaces, driving motivation and productivity. Effective programs, whether monetary or non-monetary, boost employee engagement and retention.

In the debut episode of our exclusive series "In Conversation with Partha Neog," Partha Neog, the Founder and CEO at Vantage Circle, engages in a dynamic discussion with John Land, the Global Rewards and Recognition Practice Leader at Mercer.

While delving into its critical importance, they cover the creation and evolution of Mercer's rewards and recognition practice, as well as the impact of technology and data on enhancing employee engagement.

Additionally, they forecast future HR trends and emphasize the need for a holistic approach that includes listening to employees and using data-driven strategies to drive desired behaviors and business outcomes.

About the Guest Speaker

John Land is a seasoned HR Leader/Consultant, adept at building and leading transformative HR functions. With expertise in program/ process/ organization design, technology enablement, and upskilling, he excels in driving performance improvement. Skilled in mergers and acquisitions, HR digital transformation, and team building, John is passionate about leveraging technology to foster innovation and enhance customer outcomes through people-centric experiences.

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(01:47) Partha explores the history of Mercer's R&R practice.
(07:00) John discusses evolving trends in R&R practices and future projections.
(19:36) Partha and John discuss the initial steps in designing R&R programs for companies, including audits and common pitfalls.
(34:40) The conversation shifts to the importance of focusing on ROI.

Maximize your ROI on Rewards and Recognition using our AIRe Framework

(41:06) John shares insights on the current focus of CHROs and CXOs on recognition.
(46:22) Partha and John delve into Mercer's role in assisting companies in the design and execution of R&R programs.

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The Ultimate Guide to Employee Rewards and Recognition

The Ultimate Guide to Employee Rewards and Recognition