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Partha Neog
Founder and CEO - Vantage Circle
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Partha Neog, the Founder and CEO is the driving force behind Vantage Circle. With over two decades of experience in Product and Executive Management.

Partha has a successful track record of scaling winning businesses. Partha played a pivotal role in the conceptualisation and launch of (India’s number 1 property portal). When he worked for Aricent, Hughes Software Systems, and Bharat Electronics, he gained remarkable expertise in various industrial verticals. He has gained deep insights into the employee engagement space through his experience with several companies and HR departments.

About The Podcast

“In Conversation with Partha Neog" offers a compelling dive into the intricate world of HR, spotlighting top-level managers from global corporations. Through six thought-provoking episodes, we tackle pressing issues in employee engagement, recognition programs, and HR frameworks. Our aim is to equip HR professionals with practical strategies and industry insights to navigate challenges and elevate their practices. Join us for meaningful conversations and actionable advice, and transform your HR approach with expertise from esteemed leaders in the field.