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Innovative & Best Practices For Employee Recognition

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In our podcast episode, we covered a range of topics related to innovative practices for employee recognition. We delved into three captivating case studies, showcasing real-world examples of companies implementing innovative approaches. Moving forward, we discussed the future evolution of employee recognition, envisioning personalized programs powered by AI and data analytics. As well as the need to adapt recognition practices to remote and hybrid work environments.

Additionally, we examined the barriers that can hinder the implementation of innovative recognition practices, such as resistance to change and limited resources.

Lastly, we highlighted contemporary thought leaders in this field whose research and insights greatly influence the practice of employee recognition and engagement. Our podcast episode provided a comprehensive exploration of these topics, offering valuable insights and inspiration for organizations seeking to enhance their recognition strategies.

Let's hear more about this with our guest speaker Dr. Amit Gupta an experienced AI/ML and Computer Vision Research Leader.

About the Speaker

Dr. Amit Gupta is an experienced AI/ML and Computer Vision Research Leader actively working on creating cutting-edge computer vision algorithms and real-world AI products. His main work experience has been in Research and Management related to Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning methods such as Deep Learning, Probabilistic Models) for computer vision applications. The algorithms he has developed cover a broad spectrum of topics, such as sports and surveillance video data analytics, image & video compression, watermarking, and data embedding in images. He is an inventor (or co-inventor) on more than 18 Aus/US patent applications and has authored several research papers in peer-reviewed conferences and journals. He is the co-founder of VueMotion - a human movement analysis company that is revolutionizing human movement analysis at scale. Amit is also the founder of DVIEW AI - an Intelligent Data Pipeline consultancy company, and is on the advisory board for the School of EE - UNSW and Vantage Circle.

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Show Notes:

(00:49) Dr. Gupta's professional background and journey.

(02:02) His experience in developing machine learning methods.

(04:14) What data insights can be collected through computer vision, and how to apply that data enhance the process?

(07:43) How do you influence product strategy & applications within the organization using AI and Machine Learning?

(11:55) What is AI & Machine Learning?

(16:59) How AI and Machine Learning can affect positive change in terms of Employee Rewards and Recognition?

(26:07) How can we use AI & Machine Learning to ensure that communication is flowing healthy through an organization?

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The Ultimate Guide to Employee Rewards and Recognition

The Ultimate Guide to Employee Rewards and Recognition