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Becoming An Employer Of Choice

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In this podcast, we explore the concept of becoming an Employer of Choice (EoC) and the impact of recognition on business performance. We define an employer of choice and discuss how recognition supports achieving this status. Additionally, we delve into the essential recognition components necessary for becoming an EoC and highlight the reasons why recognition positively affects business performance. Throughout the episode, we provide valuable insights and analysis on these topics, offering a concise and well-rounded understanding of the importance of recognition in becoming an Employer of Choice and its impact on overall organizational success.

Let's discuss this more with our guest speaker David Prieto, Podcast Host, i3o3, Senior People Scientist, Chevron.

About the Speaker

David Prieto is a People Scientist bridging the gap between business, data, science, and psychology. David provides a holistic perspective on business and people best practices, providing individual contributors, managers, supervisors, and executives with the tools they need to outperform their competitors. David has consulted with organizations ranging from small (~150 employees) to large (~100,000+globally) across various industries (including Fortune 100 companies), and he has optimized how companies hire, develop, retain, and evaluate performance.

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Show Notes:

(01:15) David's background & experiences.

(02:07) Psychology of recognition and its effect on people.

(03:26) Consequences of not receiving recognition and feedback.

(10:16) Role of psychology in employee motivation and engagement.

(20:17) Most effective forms of recognition for driving positive behavior change.

(25:02) Organizational recognition versus peer-to-peer recognition.

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The Ultimate Guide to Employee Rewards and Recognition