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Workplace Spirituality And The Role Of HR

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Workplace spirituality is not a new phenomenon. Businesses in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries were established and run on loving and Spiritual principles. But, somehow, somewhere along the twentieth century, business and spirituality got separated. And that was because business then was more dominated by men, and as we all know, men are more into left-brain thinking.

As a result, corporate houses were increasingly concerned with left-brain viewpoints such as strategic planning, performance management, reasoning, analytical thinking, and profits. Today things are changing, and there is an influx of women in the corporate world, and with them, they bring in their Compassion, Spirituality, love, empathy, and all the aspects of the right – brain perspectives which are correlated with women. Thus, it can be said that with the rise of the modern women-dominated corporate world has contributed to a more stabilized and spiritual workplace.

In this episode, Ritika Jagwani, talks about Workplace Spirituality and the role of HR. According to Ritika, workplace spirituality flows in the forms of organization culture, values and policies and HR acts as a promoter of this culture. It comes from the very roots of the organization.

Ritika Jagwani is a Human Resource Consultant and a mind coach based in Dubai, with a demonstrated history of working in MNCs. She is passionate about people and believes that the backbone of any successful organization lies in strong Human Resources.

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Show Notes:

(00:31) Ritika’s journey in HR..
(02:40) Defining workplace spirituality.
(04:35) The key characteristics of spiritual organizations.
(06:15) Benefits of Spiritual workplace
(06:56) What is the role of HR in applying Spirituality in the Workplace.
(09:18) Corporate Nirvana
(13:51) Under so much work pressure, how practical is corporate nirvana?
(15:10) Is Workplace Spirituality a development tool or a trend with growing interests?
(15:52) Recent trends in Workplace Spirituality.
(20:30) The future of workplace spirituality.

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