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Workplace Socio- Psychological Dynamics Of People Integration

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In the hustle of deadlines, it's easy to overlook how social and psychological factors shape our work environments. However, acknowledging the interconnected nature of human behavior within the professional realm is essential for creating resilient workplaces. Exploring Workplace Socio-Psychological dynamics, we uncover the hidden threads that weave a thriving workplace culture, extending beyond surface-level metrics.

So, join us as we explore the significance of these dynamics with Sanjeeva Maithani, Vice President- Performance & Rewards, HR Technology, HRSS & Global Mobility, Zensar Technologies.

Host of this Episode: Sanjeevani Saikia

Guest Bio

An accomplished HR leader, Sanjeeva Maithani drives innovation in Digital Transformation, Total Rewards, M & A People Integration, Talent Management, HRSS, and Global Mobility. With a track record in high-growth environments, he aligns People Strategy with Business strategy.

As a HR Technology Head, he transforms employee experiences and enhances operational efficiencies. In HRSS leadership, he shifts focus from transactions to value, optimizing HR processes. In M & A, he ensures smooth assimilation of acquired organizations into Zensar.

As a Regional HR Head, he had aligned HR strategy with business, emphasizing Talent Acquisition, People Development, and Engagement.

His commitment to challenging the status quo and fostering collaboration underscores his passion for driving positive change in HR.

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(01:45) Sanjeeva’s corporate journey so far.

(03:03) Major interpersonal challenges employees face when trying to integrate into an established team.

(05:30) Impact of communication styles, and different personalities on employee integration.

(17:25) Significance of integration on employee satisfaction, employee engagement and retention rates. Also, effects on the organization if new hires encounter challenges while integrating.

(24:50) Ways in which a well-integrated and diverse workforce contribute to an organization’s adaptability in the face of evolving market landscapes.

(33:28) Strategies or improvements that could be implemented within different workplace settings to enhance or optimize these integration opportunities

(38:52) End note.

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