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Workplace Investigations: A Tactical HR Approach

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Workplace investigations are much like a game of chess - each move can significantly impact trust, legal responsibilities, and the very fabric of a company's culture. So, fasten your seatbelts as we delve deep into the course of a workplace investigation, shedding light on the profound impact it can have on workplaces and, most importantly, how tactical HR can help.

In this podcast, we talk about Workplace Investigations: A Tactical HR Approach with Jennifer Watson.

About The Speaker

Jennifer is the Vice President of HR for LASSO HR. They are a people platform of the entertainment industry that strives to simplify and streamline all parts of an event while providing and exceptional talent pool.

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Show Notes

(01:20) Jennifer’s introduction in her own words.
(04:15) What do we mean by 'tactical HR'? How does it blend traditional HR responsibilities with more strategic, forward-thinking initiatives?
(08:20) What are the primary goals of a typical workplace investigation?
(11:40) What is the basic step-by-step process from reporting an issue when an issue is reported through the interviewing process to the final destination?
(14:06) What potential hurdles or challenges might HR professionals encounter during these investigations?
(23:14) How does an HR professional ensure all parties' fair treatment and privacy during an investigation?

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