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Workplace Equity Helps Improve Workplace Culture

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Workplace Equity is all about making the employees feel empowered and leveling the playing field for every employee. When organizations promote equality in the workplace they benefit from the competitive advantage of employing diverse talent and nurturing a great workplace culture.

Equity in a workplace refers to fair treatment for all. Transparency is evident to cause and effect, where everyone expects the same in terms of consequences and rewards. When there is equity, there is equal opportunity. When you give importance to equity, it creates a positive work environment for both the employees and the employer.

About the Speaker

Yeshasvini Ramaswamy, CEO of Great Place To Work, India, is recognized as one of India’s leading serial entrepreneurs. She combines deep expertise in organizational behavior, artificial intelligence, and investment management to bring analytical rigor to business transformation projects.

She has led numerous projects for Fortune 100 companies. She represented India in the Fortune Most Powerful Women program and received the Times Power Women Award for Excellence in Entrepreneurship. She is also a Fellow of the Institute of Directors.

She is actively involved in community work through fundraising and participating on global advisory boards of high-impact NGOs in rural entrepreneurship, education, and health.

Show Notes

(02:35) About the speaker

(03:15) What is workplace equity?

(05:45) How does DEI play an important role in nurturing a great company culture?

(12:14) Difference between equality and equity

(14:10) Ways to promote workplace equity for improved company culture

(21:40) promoting gender equality promotes equity in the workplace

(24:00) Recognizing the LGBTQIA community is a great initiative toward creating an equitable workplace culture

(26:21) Endnote summarizing the conversation

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