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Why You Need Workforce Planning In 2022?

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With the complexity that 2020 has brought, successful workforce planning in 2022 will be extremely difficult. When organizations recover from the pandemic, work performance, innovation, teamwork, and employee engagement will all carry on fresh, new meaning.

Most HR leaders are still clueless and looking for what and how they need to adjust to serve their people in the coming year. Because now is the time to prepare HR for 2022, to navigate growth, to plan, to get flexible and agile, and to quickly adapt as rules and regulations develop.

Decisions of HR managers are going to be very critical this whole year. Specially, when it comes to talent retention, talent appreciation, planning workforce management is a going to be a totally different arena in HR. Workforce planning will be more strategically inclined towards making the current workforce more engaging and productive, keeping agility as the primary focus. Looking at the trends, Justin Raj points out that there will a lot of things that are going around building and adapting diverse skills, employee experience, learning and development opportunities, people analytics and employee wellbeing.

Justin Raj is an HR mystic who is highly passionate about his professional journey in the field of Human Resources. He is currently working as a HR Business Partner for the Research and Development Tech department of an American MNC in the healthcare Industry. He is also a storyteller, a Blogger and a Keynote Speaker and Keeps sharing his thoughts under the name CHANAKYA4U.

He was one of the youngest participants of Jombay’s HR 40under40 2020 and holds a certificate for Future HR Leader at the age of 25.

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Show Notes:

(01:35) Let us know about your journey in the corporate world.

(03:30) HR patterns show that HR experts will continue to have plenty of work to do in the coming year. For years, workforce planning has topped the wish list of HR managers, but it has consistently been one of the most daunting projects to launch within HR. There are multiple approaches to workforce planning but according to you, how does workforce planning for 2022 look like?

(10:00) Why will employee experience be a critical measure of an organization’s health? Will we notice a renewed importance of employee experience?

(12:00) What are your ideas about how to get started on improving your employees’ experience in 2022?

(14:15) It's not just businesses that need to be agile. Employees should also be able to change their duties and step up when they are most needed. What would be your quick suggestion for them?

(15:53) Suggestions for HR managers.

(16:50) How can our listeners reach out to you?

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