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Why the Next Leader is the Renaissance Leader

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In this 21st century, businesses need well-grounded leaders who have multiple intelligences. First of all, they are expected to showcase a diverse set of talents to survive in the quickly changing global marketplace. And finally, to succeed, they must have a firm grasp of analytical and strategic thinking and the ability to use their intuition and interpersonal skills effectively.

In short, now is the time for renaissance leaders who can challenge established beliefs, develop their abilities, and make the seemingly impossible possible. They have to perfect the art of balancing their mind and heart and get the best done for themselves and their organization. It's a huge concept coming up in businesses today, and there's a lot to learn about it- from this podcast!

We are now being forced to adjust our workplace models according to the current disruptive environment and circumstances. This big reset calls for the importance of renaissance leaders who are willing to ask, recognize, collaborate, act, and magnify their team members.

Jean discusses all the attributes that characterize a renaissance leader in this podcast. It contains her advice on how renaissance leaders may find latent talent in their workforce. They should, she says, ask the questions no one else is asking and establish new connections that lead to unique ideas benefiting the organization. Instead of working in our cocoons, renaissance leaders value diverse talents coming together to discover new ideas across multiple disciplines. Towards the end of the conversation, Jean also share some practical leadership advice that can be usefully applied in these disruptive times and will always be relevant.

About the Speaker

Jean Marie DiGiovanna is an international keynote speaker, leadership development expert, certified executive coach, best-selling author, and the developer of the Renaissance Leadership Program for leaders of the 21st century.

With her body of work on Renaissance Leadership and over 25 years of experience across the globe, she helps leaders and their teams shift the way they think, lead and communicate rapidly creating a culture of increased trust, collaboration, and innovation. She is a master of experiential learning and has a unique ability for asking the questions no one is asking and deeply listen for what's not being said. She has a gift for creating a safe environment where leaders and their teams find their voice, speak their truth, and resolve conflict swiftly and gracefully. She is a disruptor, a change catalyst, and an innovative thinker working with leaders to uncover hidden talent, unlock new ideas and positively shift the culture so that no talent is left behind. She brings the heart & soul into the business and the "being" back into a human.

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Show Notes

(01:35) Please tell us a brief about your background and about your professional journey.
(04:11) Tell us more about your work at Jean Marie Speaks.
(05:50) How to become a renaissance leader in today’s business world? What skills do they possess?
(10:03) About the principles of renaissance culture.
(12:40) ‚ÄúA Renaissance Leader asks the questions no one is asking and uncovers the truth.‚ÄĚ Apparently, your book - Stop Talking Start Asking has 27 Questions to Shift the Culture of Your Organization. What are the most important questions that leaders must ask the employees in these critical times?
(17:44) With so many years of work experience, you are a highly respected coach and leaders across the world follow you and your lessons. But whom do you look upto in your life? Who do you consider your life coach?
(20:06) Your tips for leaders and their teams.

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