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Why The Future Of Leadership Is Personal: Leadership Branding

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Personal branding is the art of becoming knowable, likable and trustable. – John Jantsch

In this podcast, Kellie Tomney discusses why having a personal brand is so crucial for leaders, as well as some personal branding methods for them. You'll also learn about the three most prevalent leadership branding blunders, as well as the impact of social media on leadership branding.

About the speaker:

Kellie Tomney is an International Bestselling Career & Leadership Author of FUTUREPROOF YOU and Coach for Women and Leaders. She is a sought-after Speaker and Coach in FUTUREPROOFING Careers, Leadership and Organisations, Personal and Leadership Branding. Her superpower is positioning clients to amplify their positive impact and propel them forward in the New World of Work. Her online and in-person 1:1 coaching and group workshops and programs are said to be ‘career and life changing’.

Having built an award-winning corporate career in Branding, Leadership & Transformation, Kellie founded her own consulting business, KellieTomney.com, during a challenging period personally, professionally, and globally.

She coaches senior executives, leaders, business owners, and professionals in how to amplify their purpose, brand, and impact. She’s fixated on bringing more fulfillment and financial sustainability to careers, leadership, and lives for a better future!

Show Notes

(00:40) Please brief us about your journey in the corporate world.

(03:47) What is a leader's personal brand (leadership brand)? How do you define a leader’s personal brand?

(06:15) Why is it so important for leaders to have a personal brand?

(10:55) Please share some of the personal branding strategies for leaders.

(15:00) Thousands of people are doing it now, so what exactly is thought leadership?

(17:00) Where does employee engagement stand in leadership branding?

(19:35) What effect has social media had on leadership personal branding?

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(20:50) What are the three most common mistakes leaders make when it comes to personal branding?

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(24:20) What are your suggestions for our HR Leaders listening to us?

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