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Why Is Emotional Inclusion So Important In the Workplace?

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Even after the pandemic, most companies still forget that our employees' emotional wellness is the core cornerstone of their success in today's competitive business world. It's past time for us to consider what we're doing to reintegrate our employees back into the workforce while they're going through a difficult time. Now questions that arise are, why aren't we taking better care of our employees, despite knowing they're our most valuable asset? And most importantly, how can we move toward a business ecology that is more emotionally welcoming and inclusive?

In this podcast, when discussing how an individual can be emotionally inclusive, Sunita advises, "Before you begin to help others, you must first help yourself." Be kind to yourself, do something you enjoy, and set aside time for yourself. Keep an eye out for symptoms that your mental health is deteriorating. Reduce your reliance on technology, be more compassionate, and concentrate on your work.

Then there's the matter of making others feel included emotionally in the workplace. Sunita recommends perceiving and comprehending the significance and motive of people's emotional emotions and responses. She also discusses the importance of non-judgmental, active, and thoughtful listening to grasp better what people attempt to say and why. Then there's skillfully expressing empathy, respect, and admiration‚ÄĒ both verbally and nonverbally.

About The Speaker

Sunita is currently living her life purpose of helping people become the best version of themselves through her role as Senior Global Wellbeing Manager with Unilever and is committed to spending any free time in the evenings with her family and loved ones.

While honing her skills in HR Strategy, she is deeply passionate about enabling Mental Health and landing Diversity and Inclusion initiatives and is especially committed to building an equitable workspace for Persons with Disabilities. She enjoys mentoring young leaders and is supportive of gender balance initiatives in every sphere of life. She is a trained mindfulness and mental health champion and a Korn Ferry certified SOL coach at Unilever.

Sunita draws her energy and passion for work and other pursuits from people and is deeply committed to the subjects of Mental Health, well-being, and Inclusion. She is a hair donor in support of Cope with Cancer, Madat Foundation, and believes in promoting and supporting the rehabilitation of underprivileged women dealing with cancer in every way she can. Her purpose is ‚Äúenabling joy to help others achieve their finish line‚Ķ‚ÄĚ

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Show Notes

(01:30) Please tell us about your background and professional journey.

(03:03) What is emotional inclusion? How to lead the way to an emotionally inclusive workplace?

(09:03) How do we build confidence among employees?

(13:25) Tell us about the effect of creating a psychologically safe workspace on employee motivation.

(15:22) How are workplaces progressing towards the destigmatizing mental health of employees?

Listen to our podcast on: Importance Of Mental Health In The Workplace

(22:06) Is the pandemic a call to companies to invest in an in-house therapist for their employees?

(23:57) Your suggestions.

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