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What Exactly Is Quiet Quitting?

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From the Great Resignation to a new trending buzzword, Quiet Quitting has swept the internet and workplaces by storm this year, and is now urging leaders to take action. To understand more about the hype and how to ultimately overcome it, listen to this exclusive episode of the Vantage Influencers podcast.

About The Guest Speaker

Our guest for this episode is Ojaswini Sapatnekar, an experienced Human Resources professional with a demonstrated history of working in the IT/ ITES and Engineering Manufacturing industry. She has been working in depth across a broad spectrum of HR functions such as Recruitment and Selection, Employee Life Cycle Management, Compensation & Benefit and Policies, Learning and Development, Talent Management and Succession Planning, Organisation Structure and People Development, and is an expert in strategy formulation and execution.

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Show Notes:

(01:13) About Ojaswini's background, and her professional journey.

(02:40) About her current organization, Intangles Lab Pvt. Ltd. and they are upto?

(06:20) What exactly is Quiet Quitting? Is it The Great Resignation that has morphed into Quiet Quitting?

(17:35) Is Quiet Quitting empowering, or is it a cry for help?

(20:20) How should leaders respond to a situation that needs their helping hand?

(23:43) Ojaswini's suggestions for those employees who are taking benefit of the situation?

(25:03) Ojaswini's views about the future of work.

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