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What Employee Benefits Work Best and What Don't?

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Employee benefits are changing dramatically as the workplace evolves. If you ask any employer how important employee benefits are to achieving the company's objectives and goals, they will tell you that they are extremely crucial. In fact, they are growing increasingly attentive to their employees' requirements, and are attempting to match their benefit plans to those demands.

In this episode of the Vantage HR Influencers podcast, we talk about employee benefits in-depth with our guest speaker Enrique Rubio. According to Enrique, HR must be able to implement flexible work arrangements, whether employees work from home or in the office. Infact, it is the best and the most desired employee benefit that any employer can provide.

The benefits of freedom and flexibility to an employee's life are numerous. Higher job satisfaction, improved work/ life balance, and increased employee morale and motivation are examples of such benefits.

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About The Speaker

Enrique Rubio is an HR, Tech, and Future of Work expert and keynote speaker, and founder of Hacking HR, a global learning community at the intersection of the future of work, technology, business, and organizations, with thousands of members of all over the world. Enrique is one of the top 100 HR global influencers. Enrique was the founder and CEO at Management Consultants, a firm specializing in Human Resources in Venezuela. Before Management Consultants, Enrique worked in the telecommunications sector as a Senior Project Engineer for Telefonica and several other companies. Enrique is a guest author in several blogs about innovation, management, and human resources. Most recently Enrique worked as an advisor to the Chief Human Resources Officer at the Inter-American Development Bank. Enrique is a Fulbright Scholar, has over twenty years of experience, and is an Electronics Engineer with an Executive Master’s in Public Administration from Maxwell School at Syracuse University.

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Show Notes

(01:06) A brief about your journey in the corporate world.

(02:09) About Hacking HR.

(04:16) How do you define employee benefits and why are they important?

(05:52) What kinds of employee benefits are the most popular among the various generations in the US?

(13:27) How do you discover the best Employee Benefits Program that seems to be right for your company?

(21:42) What is your take on the Employee Benefits Software & Platforms?

(24:02) If we look into the specific benefits and perks of tech companies from around the world, which are the companies with the best employee packages?

(25:50) Any suggestions for the HR listeners.

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