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Use Of Content In Boosting Employee Engagement

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You send emails, post updates, probably have newsletters, social networking forums, or other online channels. But are the employees engaged with those platforms? Do you provide valuable information and quality content that your employees want? How can content management help in forming better employee engagement? Let’s know.

In this episode, Dipika Singh speaks about how we can make use of content to boost employee engagement in companies. According to Dipika, videos are the best form of content as it is more digestible and easier to understand. In this crisis situation, motivational and interesting content can be really helpful in creating a sense of belonging. She further explains how one can measure the effectiveness of the contents and the basic things that you keep in mind while creating them.

Dipika Singh is an experiential learning facilitator, motivational speaker, and a digital learning content creator. Her contents are mostly around life skills, personal growth, and professional development. Dipika's Youtube channel called She Means Business is a great source of inspiration, motivation, laughs, and advice.

Connect with Dipika on Linkedin.

Show Notes:

(00:47) Dipika’s journey in corporates.
(00:36) What do you mean by content when it comes to employee engagement?
(02:44) What are the most popular types/forms for content for engagement?
(04:01) How to disseminate content?
(05:11) About content around fitness.
(06:40) While working from home, how can HR make use of content to keep the remote workers engaged?
(09:05) Are HRs and Team leaders the only people who are responsible for creating the feeling of belongingness?
(10:46) How can one measure the effectiveness of the contents or say, what are its tracking metrics?
(13:47) You have created a lot of engagement contents for a variety of professionals, what are the basic things that you keep in mind while creating the same?
(15:45) Tips to boost employee engagement through content.

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The Ultimate Guide to Employee Rewards and Recognition