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Unlock People’s Potential And Win The Talent War

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Hiring the right talent is difficult but retaining them is another challenge. Often HRs and leaders spend a lot of time and money finding the right talent and engaging them on the job. Also, attracting diverse talent has not been an easy task for many big and small organizations.

In this episode, we talk about how to win the talent war by maximizing people's potential. And to enlighten us on this topic, we have Preeta Saxena- HR Director at Teachmint Technologies Pvt Ltd, Bangalore.

About The Speaker

Preeta is an HR professional with experience in designing HR Strategies and managing the entire employee life cycle across the industry in various established organizations and early start-ups. A people person who is a big fan of using technology to fast-track outcomes of HR interventions across the value chain.

Preeta Truly believes that the HR function needs to keep reinventing itself to add a competitive edge to the business. Currently working as HR Director at Teachmint Technologies Pvt Ltd in Bangalore, Preeta is responsible for managing the complete employee life cycle and fostering a workplace culture that embraces non-stop change and brings out the best in people.

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Show Notes

(01:07) About Preeta's corporate background and her work at Teachmint.

(02:30) The “war of talent” in the present scenario.

(04:16) What is meant by unlocking people’s potential, and how do leaders win the war of talent?

(06:05) How a diverse and inclusive approach helps leaders win the game?

(07:30) The best hiring and recruitment practices of today.

(09:20) Maintaining an equitable company culture.

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