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Changes In Total Rewards Philosophy Over The Last Decade

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The evolution of Total Rewards Philosophy has been a transformative journey over the past decade, reshaping the very fabric of how organizations engage and retain their talent. This shift underscores the pivotal need to reassess our approaches, aligning them with the diverse expectations of a modern workforce. As we navigate this era of change, unraveling the nuances of this evolutionary trajectory becomes essential.

So, join us for an engaging discussion with Surbhi Rastogi, Global Total Rewards Lead, Allcargo Logistics. We will explore how total rewards have evolved over the past decade.

Host of this Episode: Sanjeevani Saikia

Guest Bio

Surbhi Rastogi, a seasoned talent professional with a decade of experience, has navigated the intricate realms of HR, specializing in total reward policies and people experience strategies. Her journey commenced as an HR consultant for a prominent IT organization in India, followed by a rewarding stint as a Rewards Specialist at GE Capital in London, where she managed compensation and benefits for a diverse range of countries across Europe.

Returning to India, Surbhi faced a pivotal challenge at Coca Cola Inc. as the Rewards Lead for India and SouthWest Asia. Balancing professional aspirations with the demands of motherhood, she introduced flexible working policies but eventually had to step back. Undeterred, Surbhi focused on her daughter's health, emerging stronger and more determined.
Her career saw highs and lows, including a role with Deloitte Consulting, where she crafted a compensation strategy roadmap for a vast workforce. Despite the challenges of travel and demanding schedules, Surbhi's resilience remained unshaken until family priorities called for another pause.

During her hiatus, she explored her creative side, becoming an award-winning storyteller. Her tales, including "The Little Girl Who Healed Herself" and "My Step Daughter’s First Period," garnered widespread acclaim, with viral success on platforms like Momspresso. Awards such as Times Write India Write Award, Orange Flower Award, and Digital Women Awards acknowledged her storytelling prowess.

Surbhi's involvement in anthologies, volunteering as a Community Editor for SheThePeople TV, and her recent appointment as a WICCI Council Member for Haryana Arts Leadership Council showcase her commitment to diverse pursuits beyond the corporate realm.

Now, after an enriching Executive Development Course from XLRI, Surbhi has re-entered the corporate sphere as the Global Group Total Rewards Lead for AllCargo, marking the end of a six-year hiatus. Her mission is not just personal success but sharing her experiences to empower others navigating career comebacks.

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(01:35) Surbhi’s corporate journey so far.

(04:55) Key factors influencing total rewards strategies over the past decade.

(09:00) Surbhi’s perspective on how organizations should structure or implement their rewards systems.

(11:00) Strategies that have particularly emerged effective in attracting and retaining top talent amidst shifting landscape.

(13:57) Understanding some specific modifications or adaptations that companies have made in their total rewards packages to promote DEI.

(22:50) Observations regarding employee satisfaction and retention rates stemming from tailored rewards strategy.

(25:50) Metrics used in measuring the success or effectiveness of total rewards programs.

(36:02) Future trajectory of total rewards philosophy.

(37:55) End Note.

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