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Top Leadership Trends Shaping The Future Of Employee Experience

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Leaders who provide meaningful employee experiences help their teams to be positive and inspired. This isn't something that just happens. To improve the employee experience and reap the benefits of increased employee involvement, leaders must adopt a more transparent, trusting, and collaborative leadership style. Thankfully, authoritarian government is a thing of the past. Today's leaders use leadership approaches that promote faith and employee involvement in the workplace.

In this podcast, Zoe Sharan talks about the top leadership trends shaping the future of employee experience. According to Zoe, leaders must be able to continuously improve their leadership abilities by going through podcasts, books, webinars, periodicals, and journals. Gone are the days when there was just one way to lead. In today's world, leaders must develop their capabilities in the area of trust in the workplace. Delegation also aids in the development of your team. Because there is so much information out there, one should never stop learning. Leaders should solicit feedback from their subordinates. Most importantly, they should pursue their own passions and strive to stay one step ahead of the curve in order to future-proof themselves and their company.

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Zoe is a Learning, OD, and HR professional with a Masters in Education (Organisational & Workplace Learning) and Post Graduate Certificate (HR Mgmt). Her primary focus (and passion) is Leadership Development. She has a particular interest in helping Leaders shift to Leadership in 2021 where trust, being human, empathy, and knowing how to delegate (and empowering!) is key.

Zoe has in-house consulting experience in industries such as construction, media, technology, electronics, telco, FMCG, and retail.

She holds additional qualifications in psychometrics such as Team Management Systems and Hogan Assessments. She is also accredited in Conflict & Alternative Dispute Resolution, Psychology of Criminal Justice, Korn Ferry Leadership Architect (Lominger), PROSCI Change Management, and NLP.

She is an IECL Certified Organisational Coach and has won awards for her work, including for Amicus’s Leadership Development Program and Onboarding program. She has spoken at industry events on topics such as Metrics for Leadership Development Programs and Transformational Leadership.

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Show Notes:

(01:06) Please brief us about your journey in the corporate world.

(02:45) Being an employee experience focus leader, one needs to ensure that the overall leadership style is focused on gaining traction with your team toward the ideal experience. What is your first step in this procedure?

(04:38) What are the critical components to know while leading to a place of collaboration from a place of insecurity and superiority? Should there be any hierarchical structure or is it all about the leader being the boss?

(07:48) When it comes to transparency, there are some very real boundaries that your organization needs leaders to follow and these boundaries are important. As a leader, you must determine whether to deliver or withhold details. You'll come across a lot of situations where you'll have to keep company secrets from your team or share details that you don't agree with as an individual. Going down this road, your team might stop listening to you, and you might lose faith in your leadership. To summarize, leadership is a difficult position to hold, but the aim is to always be a people's leader. What are your recommendations for getting through these situations?

(11:36) And leaders are supposed to be able to deal with a wide range of emotions in the workplace. How can they be very precise about the feelings and emotions they want to consider?

(13:52) What are the best touchpoints that leaders can use to remove all the ambiguity and decisions they make on behalf of our team members?

(16:20) What are the top leadership trends shaping the future of employee experience?

(19:35) Has leadership changed in the work-from-home scenario?

(21:40) Are leaders born or made?

(23:10) The 70-20-10 rule explained.

(27:10) Suggestions to our listeners.

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