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The Secret To A Great Workplace Experience

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What makes the workplace a wonderful experience?
Well, that's not an easy question to answer.

Today, companies are constantly searching for new ways of engaging employees and building an atmosphere in which employees love to work for decades.

Businesses need to look beyond just benefits and expand their emphasis to include technologies, physical environments, and corporate culture.

In this podcast Lionel Paul David talks about the secret to a great workplace experience. According to Lionel, designing the workplace experience approach should be human centred and not copy pasted from other organizations. HR teams should have a grip on the employee profiles, understand their background, demography, needs, wants and desires which will make each employee feel appreciated. Their approach should also be proactive and dynamic.

A creative, proactive, result oriented professional, Lionel Paul David is Head of HRBP, for Corporate Functions- India Region, at Groupe PSA, a multinational automotive OEM.

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Show Notes:

(01:10) Lionel's journey in the corporate world.

(02:42) In basic terms, workplace experience is the cumulative total of all experiences in an organization that an employee goes through. In your view, what would be the emerging definition of the term ‘workplace experience?

(04:53) What does it take to build a successful workplace experience? Or, what’s the secret to a great workplace experience?

(08:13) Workplaces are undergoing a complex transformation. The only way for companies to thrive, sustain, and prosper is to adapt themselves to the changing norms of the working culture.

One such major transformation is seen for most organizations in the employee recognition space. How do employees prefer to receive recognition at work today?

(10:59) Many corporate leaders are looking at design thinking as a way to enhance the experience of workers in their workplace. How to get started with design thinking?

(16:24) Considering Covid-19 and how it has changed the entire workplace landscape. You know employers are now trying to take back their investments in employees.

Given the number of people laid off or put on furlough since March, various positions are filled by the remaining workers and they are possibly the most vital to business survival now. The pressure on them is more than ever, to support their employers withstand this crisis. How would you like to describe if I ask you why Now is the time to invest in Workplace Experience?

(21:04) How does the future of workplace experience look like to you?

(23:14) Suggestions for our listeners.

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