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The Power Of Curiosity In The Workplace

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Curious people make better decisions, help their organizations perform better, and help them adjust to changing market conditions and external influences. Curiosity also boosts employee engagement and teamwork.

In this episode, we talk about the power of curiosity in the workplace, how it relates to employee health and wellbeing, how we can measure curiosity, and also about training our employees to be curious.

About The Speaker

Our guest for this episode is Tim Reistma, the co-founder and General Manager of People Managing People, an online publication focused on building a better world of work. He is experienced with leadership, business strategy, people & culture, and operations, focusing on building great teams excited about their craft and organization.

With over 15 years of leadership experience, Tim has always been guided by his core values: faith, family, curiosity, and fun. He is a coach, mentor, speaker, advisor, and active volunteer in his community. Tim loves spending time outdoors with his wife and two kids and mountain biking in the mountains around Vancouver, BC.

Along with air, Tim lives and breathes workplace culture. His purpose: ‚ÄúLiving with intention, I ignite unconditionally.‚ÄĚ His core values: Faith, Family, Authenticity, and Curiosity.

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Show Notes:

(01:00) About Tim Reistma and People Managing People.
(04:03) How does curiosity relate to workplace realities in the VUCA world?
(06:40) Curiosity and employee health and wellbeing.
(09:30) How do we measure curiosity in the workplace?
(11:15)How can we train our employees to be curious?
(16:33) Tim’s suggestion to modern HR leaders?

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