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The Interplay of Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, and Employee Engagement

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When it comes to leadership, emotional intelligence has recently become one of the hottest topics. Research also indicates that emotional intelligence has a strong impact on the engagement level of employees. We do know, however, that it is a characteristic that can be measured and improved. But what exactly is emotional intelligence, and how does it impact the way we think about leadership and employee engagement today?

In this podcast, Grant explains the different aspects of emotional intelligence. You'll hear about the top places where emotional intelligence can be applied, how it can be used to drive employee engagement, and the risks or costs that lack of emotional intelligence can have on leaders, teams, and company culture.

Grant has been awarded the honor of being named the Emotional Intelligence Speaker and Trainer of the Year for the past 2 years and is seen as a leader in his profession, with over 37 years as a leadership trainer and coach. As the founder and Global Managing Partner of People Builders and the People Builders Institute, Grant Herbert trains, certifies, and mentors coaches, corporate trainers, online course creators, and HR professionals to develop others all over the world.

Despite his many credentials and awards, he describes himself simply as "An ordinary guy, with an outstanding wife and 5 amazing kids, who has a passionate message to share about being authentic and living the life you were created to live."

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Show Notes:

(01:30) For those of our listeners who are unfamiliar with the word, let's start by defining the term- emotional intelligence. What is emotional intelligence, and why is it necessary for leaders?

(02:38) How did you become involved in emotional intelligence and make it so central to your work?

(05:25) When we talk about our workplace, would you like to mention the top areas where we can apply emotional intelligence?

(10:35) How to use emotional intelligence to drive employee engagement or say, what is the emotionally intelligent way to engage employees?

(14:34) How do you think leadership has evolved over the time you've been studying it?

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(20:53) What if we have a coworker or a boss that you know as having a low EQ? How can we provide them with actionable input or information?

(24:15) How we can develop EQ?

(27:29) Do you follow any HR leader or what is your favorite HR book?

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