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The Importance Of Team Engagement In Startups

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The research and development department of a startup is vital to its success. And you'll need a dedicated crew to do so. Joey Price discusses the significance of team engagement in companies in this podcast.

According to Joey, a strong bond between the founders is the first step towards an engaged team. It would be best to be the most effective communicators and motivators. Then comes your capacity to engage others in a group setting.

In a startup, you can't pay a high salary or provide fringe benefits. You do, however, have a goal to achieve and a team to work with.

As a result, you must spend in HR to create the greatest possible infrastructure, a smooth workflow, and an attractive environment for both you and your employees. It calls for some important HR efforts, out of which "team engagement" is the biggest thing in startups that makes people stick around.

About The Speaker:

Joey Price is the CEO of Jumpstart:HR an organization that is focused on growing small businesses and startups through cutting-edge HR consulting services. He earned many rewards and recognition in which one of them is being named "Top 30 HR Professional Under 30" by SHRM's HR Magazine.

As a serial entrepreneur, Joey loves to help people grow and host a podcast show that is focused on Business, Life, and Coffee (BLC).

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Show Notes:

(00:55) A brief about Joey's journey in the corporate world.
(03:34) Top things to remember while building the perfect founding team.
(05:47) Should a startup invest in HR and team engagement?
(07:42) What are the benefits of adopting employee engagement in startups?
(09:23) Some team engagement ideas, tailored for startups.
(11:30) Tips for managing the remote employees in startups.
(13:24) What can biggies or older companies learn from startup culture?
(14:37) A few suggestions for HR listeners.

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