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The Fundamentals Of Agile HR

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As human resource departments compete for methods to obtain a competitive advantage in attracting, developing, and retaining personnel, Natal Dank discusses how agility has become increasingly vital in this podcast.

She claims that her book, Agile HR, covers all facets of the HR function, from people processes, working styles, and HR services to organizational architecture, operating models, and HR teams. All HR practitioners who want to make their practices agile and drive business performance but don't know where to start should read Agile HR.

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About The Speaker

Natal Dank heads up learning, consultancy & coaching at PXO Culture and is seen as a pioneer in the Agile HR movement. Following over a decade working in senior Human Resources (HR), Talent and Organisational Development roles, Natal coaches clients across all industries, from innovative tech companies, to not-for-profit, to global banks, in how to embrace an Agile mindset and reinvent their people practices.

In 2016, Natal hosted the first Agile HR Meetup in London with the aim of building a community of like-minded disrupters, which has since grown into a regular event held across the world from Sydney to Paris and online. In 2020 Natal published the book, Agile HR: Delivering Value in a Changing World of Work and through PXO Culture is focused on defining modern HR for the 21st Century and helping organizations build great People Experience and Operations.

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Show Notes:

(03:50) What is meant by being agile in the workplace?
(06:05) About Natal’s book- Agile HR: Deliver Value in a Changing World of Work and what inspired her to write the book.
(07:30) 5 ways HR can evolve to be more agile.
(09:56) What skills, mindset, and methodologies are needed to succeed in agile HR?
(14:30) Some examples of companies with agile HR implementation.
(17:43) The top 3 benefits of bringing agility to work.
(19:46) Natal’s advice for HRs looking to become agile.

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