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The Economics Of Workplace Culture

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The concept of the economics of workplace culture is vital for organizations to understand as it delves into the relationship between workplace culture and a company's financial performance. By analyzing the economic impact of a company's culture, organizations can make strategic decisions to improve themselves, not just in terms of a better culture but also leading to increased productivity, employee satisfaction, and ultimately a better bottom line.

This podcast is dedicated to discussing the economic impact of positive workplace culture on employee engagement and productivity. In this episode, we will have a detailed discussion about this with our guest speaker Harish Madaan, Director at Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd.

About the Speaker

Harish Madaan is a Director at Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. He is a Banker with more than 15 years of work experience. He worked in the areas of ALM, Liquidity Management, Investments, Forex, Derivatives, Physical Bullion and Financial Institution relationship. He has set up a treasury business for the ICBC from scratch and turned it into a major revenue driver. Very recently, he has successfully set up Physical Bullion and Financial Institution Relationship Business for the ICBC. In 2022, ICBC was awarded as a Promising Bullion Bank in India. On the academic side, he is a CA, FRM and an Alumni of IIM Kozhikode.

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Show Notes:

(01:25) About Harish and his corporate journey.

(14:00) Since workplace culture has been shown to directly impact employee productivity, engagement, retention, and well-being, all of which have economic implications for the company. It is important to understand this concept in depth. Here, Harish describes the meaning of economics of workplace culture along with its significance.

(18:00) Can rewards and recognition play a vital role in improving the economics of a workplace culture?

(21:43) Some examples of companies or organizations that have successfully leveraged their workplace culture to achieve economic success.

(26:25) Harish’s advice for businesses that are looking to improve their workplace culture in order to drive economic growth and success.

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