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Technology for Sustainability: Driving Environmental and Social Progress

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There's a golden opportunity to leverage these innovations in today's rapidly advancing technological landscape for a sustainable future. By merging technology with environmental and social principles, we can craft a world where progress aligns with preservation, ensuring a balanced planet for future generations.

In this episode, we talk about harnessing technology in the workplace for sustainable development with Simin Askari, an expert in sustainable development and environmental stewardship.

About The Speaker

Simin Askari is the Senior VP- Corporate HR & Business Excellence at Dharampal Satyapal Ltd. She leads strategic HR and business excellence initiatives across the group's diverse portfolio, including Food & Beverages, Dairy, Hospitality, and more.

Simin is responsible for organizational capability building, digital transformation, process design, and business transformation. She has created global HR policies, developed innovative approaches for performance management, and implemented employee welfare and recognition schemes.

A strategic thinker, she has introduced several digital interventions to improve business processes. Simin has been recognized with awards, including "Women Super Achiever" at the Global HR Excellence Awards in 2010 and "Women Leadership Award" in 2014 for her exemplary leadership enabling change.

Connect with Simin: Linkedin

Show Notes

(02:11) The potential of technology in promoting sustainability, and how do these two aspects practically intersect and complement each other?

(04:30) how can HR teams assist employees in adopting sustainable solutions?

(09:20) Despite the obvious benefits, some employees might resist adopting sustainable technologies due to perceived disruptions or changes to their workflow. How can HR effectively communicate the importance of embracing these technologies and address the concerns of hesitant employees?

(12:50) About e-waste, its recycling and disposal system.

(14:20) How can HR encourage a culture of creativity and innovation, allowing employees to contribute their ideas towards protecting the environment and social responsibility?

(16:55) Simin’s final piece of advice.

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