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Talent management - How to recruit and retain your best employees

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Perhaps there is no greater opportunity for companies to get clear answers to questions of talent management- What talent do we have? What talent do we need? How do we hire and retain the best talent during the Covid-19 crisis and going forward? Answering these questions would be fundamental to the existence of many companies across different industries.

In this episode, Sweta Mogha, the co-founder of e-WOW, talks about Talent management - How to recruit and retain your best employees. According to Sweta, Covid-19 has forced organizations to re-look into the remote working opportunities. It has essentially brought in a diverse pool of talent into the table that can lead the organizations to higher levels of achievement. Again, communication plays an important role in bettering the remote working environment and HR should step up to support their current and potential employees to be the best efficient and effective.

Sweta is an HR and Talent Acquisition leader with 20 plus years of experience in telecom, technology and retail verticals to build, transform, and deliver the people charter for organizations like Amazon and Bharti Airtel (second largest telecom company in the world).

As a strategic HR business partner and recruiting leader with strong collaboration and influencing skills, she has spearheaded programs for developing high performing teams and mentoring talent at all levels of global organizations and worked across geographies - North America, India, Africa, Srilanka, and Bangladesh.

Show Notes:

(0.00) Sweta’s Journey in HR
(02:38) Shift in hiring during the Covid-19 crisis and going forward.
(06:27) Will remote work be there forever?
(08:30) How can HR leaders ensure that the new remote joinees match the cultural values of the company?
(10:43) How do we ensure an environment of transparency and trust in the remote work structure?
(13:56) Are rewards and constant feedback enough to motivate employees?
(15:55) Is it possible to measure ROI and employee experience by companies?
(17:33) What should HR teams do to onboard new employees in the remote set up?
(20:49) Are engagement scores rising in the remote working environment?
(23:42) Sweta’s favorite business book.
(25:40) Advice for young HR leaders.

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