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Supporting Global Organizations As HRBP

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We live in an era where the boundaries of the business world are shrinking, where distance and borders are no longer the hurdles they once were. In this landscape, the role of HR Business Partners (HRBPs) in supporting global organizations has risen to unprecedented importance.

HRBPs have evolved as the virtuosos of talent acquisition, management, and development strategies, performing on a stage set with diverse cultures, intricate legal landscapes, and operational intricacies. Making them a key figure in the global landscape.

In this episode, we will uncover the art and science behind how HRBPs mastermind the HR strategies that keep global organizations sailing smoothly. And to help us uncover, we have with us Narayanan Murali, Senior HR Business Partner.

Host of this Episode: Sanjeevani Saikia

Guest Bio

Narayanan Murali is a seasoned HR professional with expertise in the HR Business Partner space, currently serving a leading Internet and e-Commerce firm supporting a tech workforce of 900 employees. With a track record of managing large-scale Talent Development and Compensation projects for organizations of up to 20,000 employees, he brings a wealth of experience to the table.

His career includes a pivotal role in transforming Performance Management strategies at a prominent investment management firm. Proficient across various HR domains, he excels in Performance Management, Total Rewards, Learning and Development, Change Management, Employee Relations, and HR analytics.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, he finds joy in singing and exploring new destinations through travel. An avid history enthusiast, he often indulges in examining maps to satisfy his curiosity about the world's past and present.

Connect with Narayanan: Linkedin


(01:50) Narayanan’s corporate journey so far.

(03:20) Concise overview of the role of HR Business Partner and its significance within the context of global organization.

(08:52) Ways for HRBPs to align their HR strategies with the overall business goals.

(13:32) Challenges HRBPs face when working with global organizations.

(19:10) Ways to strategically attract and retain talent from diverse corners of the world.

(24:22) Legal and compliance challenges that may surface and ways to proactively mitigate it.

(28:16) Quantifying and communicating HRBPs impact on the organization’s success and growth.

(37:30) End Note.

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