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Significance of Feedback & Recognition in a modern diverse workplace with Sarabjeet Singh Gill

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Modern-day feedback and recognition practices allow your management to improve employee engagement by appreciating & recognizing remote employees when they give their best performance at work and setting up a regular feedback session can help everyone stay aligned while working from home.

In this episode, Sarabjeet Singh Gill talks about the “Significance of Feedback & Recognition in a modern diverse workplace”. To create an engaging work experience, Sarabjeet has listed down some possible measures to keep the remote employees engaged in order to improve their work experience, like

  1. Delivering instant recognition and appreciation over cloud-based platforms.
  2. Arranging various virtual team building activities and gamifying things to build engagement.

He practiced CEDAR feedback modules for more than a decade, which helps him to give effective and constructive feedback in professional and as well as his personal life.

Sarabjeet Singh Gill is a leading HR professional with more than a decade of experience and currently working as a Senior HR Manager in CloudMoyo. A strong consulting professional with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) focused in HR from Symbiosis Pune . He has worked as an architect (for people, processes, systems and culture) on complex business initiatives and achieved exceptional results. He is a seasoned HR Leader with proven experience in collaborating with senior leadership to lead Human Resource strategy. He is extremely passionate about solving Problems and Building Organizations for Scale through clear & uncluttered thinking and relentless execution.

His areas of expertise include Business Partner HR, HR Transformation, Talent Management, Performance Management, People Analytics, Employee engagement and HR Systems.

He is an active contributor to publications (PeopleMatters, AllThings Talent, IIMJobs, HR Katha) and is a frequent speaker/panelist at industry and college events in Pune and Mumbai.

Sarabjeet Singh Gill has been awarded as "100 Top tech HR Minds" in India by World HRD congress and “Visionary leader of the year" at the 2nd Edition of Future Leaders Summit and Awards 2019 organized by UBS Forum.

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Show Notes:

(0:10) Introduction
(0:31) How did you get into HR?
(2:19) How do you give effective feedback to employees?
(4:23) How frequently should leaders give feedback to their employees?
(5:46) How should leaders give critical feedback to employees?
(7:37) Metrics to measure employee engagement.
(9:50) How the employee net promoter score is calculated (eNPS)?
(10:26) How should employers take feedback from the team?
(13:10) How we can increase employee engagement in a remote setup.
(14:59) How to identify a disengaged employee?
(16:48) How do you set the right culture in a growth-based company?
(19:22) Can there be a forever remote work culture?
(21:03) How does CloudMoyo give instant rewards and recognition to its employees?
(22:42) What is your favorite business book?
(22:56) Do you follow any HR leader/ CEO?

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