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Self-Care Essentials for HR Professionals

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As HR professionals, we play a critical role in supporting the well-being and success of our employees and organizations. However, we often neglect our own self-care needs in the process. In this podcast, we will explore the importance of prioritizing self-care as an HR practitioner and discuss practical strategies for managing stress, promoting well-being, and achieving work-life balance in this demanding profession.

Julie Develin, who adds a wealth of expertise and experience to our debate, is here with us for the same.

So, whether you're an HR practitioner looking to improve your self-care practices or just interested in learning more about the topic, we hope you'll find this discussion informative and engaging. So without further ado, let's dive in!

About The Speaker

Julie Develin is the Sr. Partner, HCM Advisory at Ultimate Kronos Group. Julie helps companies create and maintain great workplaces by providing a positive, modern, and innovative employee experience through the intersections of strategies, intention, and technology. You can find her speaking to audiences at SHRM and other conferences nationwide, giving webinars on HR topics, and writing blogs and articles focusing on a positive employee experience in the workplace. Additionally, Julie teaches and advises MS degree candidates in the Human Resources Management program at McDaniel College.

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Show Notes

(01:50) Julie’s introduction in her own words.

(03:10) Some easy-to-maintain self-care practices that HR practitioners can incorporate into their daily routines.

(08:20) How can HR practitioners work on setting boundaries and managing their workload to avoid feeling overwhelmed and stressed?

(11:50) The Role of HR practitioners in communicating the importance of self-care to employees.

(15:30) What role can employers/ bosses play at the organizational level in promoting self-care among HR practitioners and other employees?

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