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Securing The Future Of Work With HR Technology

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Today's HR practices are no different when it comes to adoption and acceleration fostered by a blend of digital skills with unique human expertise and advanced technology. Companies are evolving into the new virtual work style and are embracing the latest technologies which include new tools and new skills in automated tools, artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), machine learning (ML), edge computing, and blockchain.

In this episode, Srinath Gururajarao talks about "Securing the Future of Work with HR Technology". According to him, recruitment is fully automatable with better tools, hiring platforms, and tech available for disruption. Zero-knowledge proof systems are emerging based on blockchain, like background check verification, where the system can validate data by themselves without the person originating the request.

Srinath believes that HR Heads need to draw more budget towards learning capabilities so that the competitive edge for today's building tomorrow remains the focus on pieces of knowledge.

Srinath Gururajarao is the CHRO & Vice President with Nexval Group. He has a diverse experience in Strategy Execution & Innovation, with a humane approach in People Practices. Srinath has been in leadership roles within Media, IT, ITeS & banking Industries. He has worked with global organizations such as iGATE, Satyam BPO, SREI Group in various leadership capacities before joining Nexval Group.

Srinath won several awards and recognition like "Top 50 Organisations with Great People Managers, 2019-20" & "Top 100 Great Managers, 2020-21" by Great Managers Institute and Forbes to "Top 100 HR Technology Minds" &" Best Employer 2018" by World HRD Congress. He has authored 7 Intellectual Properties(IPs) in HR, panning Business Intelligence Tools to Predictive HR Performance models within Human Resources.

Srinath holds various certifications & is a champion of micro-learning with certifications in "Organisational Analysis" from Stanford University, "People Analytics" from Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, "Global Business Leader" from U 21 Global & Harvard Business School Publishing, "Leadership in 21st Century" from Copenhagen Business School, and Design Thinking in Innovation" from University of Virginia Darden School‚ÄĚ.

Connect with Srinath on Linkedin and Twitter.

Show Notes:

(0:13) Introduction
(0:45) How did you get into HR?
(3:12) What new behaviors will be required to succeed in the future?
(8:02) What key levers should be used for building culture in a company?
(13:10) What are the internal skills needed to build and integrate AI solutions?
(18:32) How should HR heads create a budget for technology?
(21:55) Which role of HR would get disrupted and how should companies be prepared for that?
(26:51) How should HR Heads strategize to drive performance and value through technology?
(31:10) What is your favorite business book?
(32:09) Do you follow any HR leader/CEO?
(32:53) Advice for young HR leaders.

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