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Role Of L&D In Employee Engagement

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Are you interested in knowing about the current learning and employee development trends, training delivery options, challenges, and the use of technology and analytics in L&D to drive its reinvention throughout your entire organization? You may have already spent a lot of time trying to find the greatest resources for information on these topics but in vain. If so, you must listen to this short yet quite informational podcast! Our guest for this episode is Bhakti Eslavath, the Learning and Development Manager at Paradiso.

About The Speaker

Bhakti is a Learning & Development Professional with over 10 years of expertise in coaching, training, and facilitation skills. My responsibilities in Learning and Development BU have been to Analyze, Design, Develop, Facilitate and Assess training programs aligned with organizational goals. I also have an additional 4+ years of experience in IT support roles.

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Show Notes

(00:56) A brief about Bhakti’s corporate background and how her experiences with Paradiso shaped her perspectives on business and L&D.

(01:55) What are L&D executives/managers expected to do within any organization?

(02:40) On social media, we frequently agree that corporate L&D is stuck somehow. For instance, businesses are frequently caught in a compromising situation where they either lack the time or the resources to invest in training. How can L&D teams catch up to the game? Is lack of planning and commitment a big hurdle?

(07:30) What has changed in L&D over the last few years?

(09:49) How can L&D use technology and analytics to drive reinvention and impact the entire organization?

(11:43) What is one aspect of the L&D function that must change to be relevant in the future?

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