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Rise Of Virtual Interviews/ Hiring Amidst Covid-19

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During this pandemic, employers are gradually moving towards virtual hiring solutions to reduce the loss of potential candidates. Virtual hiring is enabling organizations to seamlessly conduct talent recruitment and management, no matter where they are.

In this podcast, Vikas Dua, an accomplished HR and recruitment professional, talks about the rise of virtual hiring amidst Covid-19. According to Vikas, in recent years, hiring is gradually getting digital. It is free from time and place constraints, ending up in multiple advantages in multiple dimensions, making the recruitment cycle easier. In a virtual environment, it takes a little extra effort from the HR managers to make sure the candidates get the 'wow' feeling. Vikas also suggests some remote recruitment practices for HRs and candidates to make a successful virtual hiring session. Now is the time for HR teams to be savvy in using digital services such as HR virtual assistants, chatbots, social media, and target emails.

Having managed global talent acquisition portfolios with some of the country's leading brands for 18 long years, Vikas Dua is currently the Chief HR Mentor at Attayn, a groundbreaking HR tech firm that works to improve and democratize knowledge sharing in the academic room. He is also a TEDx Speaker, a Vlogger (and blogger) under his under self-designed 'HR in my HeaRt' umbrella or speaking at a Campus or Industry forum.

Catch his TEDx Talk here
Link to his YouTube Channel- HRinmyHeaRt

Vikas is an advisor with the BRICS Chamber of Commerce & Industry as well.

Connect with Vikas on Linkedin.

Show Notes-

(01:07) Please tell us about your journey in the HR world.

(01:50) What does a virtual talent acquisition solution look like?

(03:00) Short and long-term advantages/benefits of virtual hiring.

(04:23) Limitations of virtual hiring.

(05:42) For a lot of companies, hiring face to face may be deep-rooted into their culture. How can we make virtual interviewing work in a way that still feels authentic and personal to both the hiring manager and the candidate?

(07:10) "Video interviews can sometimes feel awkward and present challenges for candidates and interviewers alike," said Amelia Green-Vamos, a Glassdoor career trends expert. "As more and more hiring managers speak to candidates via video interviews, it's important to keep several best practices in mind." How to make a virtual recruitment process a success?

(10:17) Applicants will be accustomed to remote recruitment practices, so organizations will have to do well to adapt to the practices now and keep them in the future. HRs will need to be closely involved, managing the system. What are some of the helpful, general eRecruiting resources to be used in and beyond the COVID-19 crisis?

(12:46) As hiring continues, what are some of the ways of keeping the new hires on track and engaged in a virtual world in these uncertain times?

(15:33) Tips for smooth virtual hiring.

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