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Revolutionizing Women's Leadership Through Diversity And Inclusion

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A lot of companies now participate in diversity and inclusion activities and as a result, we can see a lot of women and people of color in organizations but in nonmanagerial roles. They enter the talent pipeline but do not progress to senior management or corporate executive positions. In this episode, we discuss diversity and inclusion in the workplace with special considerations to women in leadership with our guest speaker Jessica Miller-Merrell.

With the pandemic leading many women to quit the workforce, Jessica recommends employers provide various programs, leadership opportunities, growth opportunities, and upskilling and reskilling opportunities to attract more women into organizations. Women's burnout should be addressed actively by businesses. Women who are in the forefront of progress must be recognized and rewarded. They must also do the required cultural work to create an environment where all women are valued equally.

About The Speaker:

Jessica Miller-Merrell is the Founder of Workology, a workplace resource for HR, recruiting professionals and business leaders. The site was listed twice as a top 75 career resource by Forbes Magazine. Jessica is the president and CEO of Xceptional HR, a human capital strategy and consulting agency, and a published author of Tweet This! Jessica is listed by Forbes as a top 50 social media power user. Because of vast industry expertise and knowledge, Jessica’s professional opinions and expertise are sought after and sourced by publications and media including: the Economist, Forbes, CIO Magazine, CBS, Entrepreneur Magazine, and SHRM’s HR Magazine.

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Show Notes:

(02:32) What motivated you to embrace a creative mindset and a passionate commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace?

(04:23) Do you think that prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion activities should be a top priority for everyone? And why is now the ideal time to do it?

(06:16) What are your thoughts on the role that women play in the workplace? Do you think the world needs more women in leadership roles?

(08:19) How to promote women in leadership or executive positions and not treat them as a special case at the same time?

(09:45) Many women leave the profession in their mid-career years, resulting in a decrease in the number of women who advance in their careers. When people decide to get married or have children, they make the decision to stop working. Don't you believe the workplace culture needs to change a little to accommodate such women, allowing them the flexibility that many of them require after they start a family?

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(11:53) The majority of women believe that flexible work arrangements can help them achieve a better work-life balance. Particularly since the Covid-19 lockdowns, more women than men are looking for full-time work-from-home opportunities. Employers are devising policies to make it easier for women employees to move to part-time or other flexible work schedules. But, don't you think that all of these are damaging their career prospects and restricting their lifetime earnings potential, thereby widening the ever-present gender pay gap?

(16:20) It’s is not about celebrating women and not celebrating men or vice versa, rather both men and women bring a variety of diverse attributes to work and life, and that is something to celebrate. What is your final opinion on the same?

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