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Reinventing The Organisation For The Post COVID-19 Phase

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The COVID-19 pandemic will have a lasting impact on the future of work. The crisis has brought a massive change in the way an organization functions or brands its culture. Even most of the companies are ready with their technical and communication infrastructure to run their businesses smoothly. Now is the time for companies to increase their learning budgets and commit to reskilling. Developing this muscle will also strengthen companies for future disruptions.

In this episode, Willis Langford talks about "Reinventing The Organisation For The Post COVID-19 Phase".

What Skills And Competencies Would be Needed for Organizational Success?

Willis believes that ‘continuous learning’ is the only key to excel in the new normal, the learning landscape has changed in ways that will foster teaching new skills. In such times of crisis, using more contingent workers will provide greater workforce management flexibility, companies can tap into qualified talent quickly to meet fluctuating demand or fill a specific skill gap in their businesses.

Willis Langford is a result-driven, customer-focused human resource professional with demonstrated success in leading strategic business objectives for over two decades. At present, he leads the Human Resource function in a market-leading semiconductor major. He is currently certified by DDI (Development Dimensions International) and Korn Ferry International (Lominger) in the areas of Leadership, Interviewing Skills and Competency Modeling. Willis started his career with one of the Big 6 Audit Firms in the early 90’s and ever since, he has moved to multiple industries – from Construction Engineering to Distribution. This cross-industry exposure helped him in experimenting with many functional roles - from Audit, Accountancy, Administration, Human Resources to Market Communications. This multi-faceted side of him was soon seen in his professional and personal life as well. Today, with over a decade of experience in Organisational Development alone, he leads and inspires emerging leaders along their leadership journey.

He has been recognized as one of the Top Indian CHROs to follow on LinkedIn (2020) by ekincare.

Show Notes:

(0:11) Introduction
(0:39) How did you get your start in HR?
(1:54) Do you think remote working will be increasing in the months to come?
(3:54) How can companies track productivity and monitor performance?
(6:46) Would gig workers or contingent workers be more prevalent in companies?
(11:00) How can companies help employees to build opportunities for career development?
(13:59) What are the metrics to be used to measure employee engagement?
(18:05) How leaders can identify high-performance employees and improve employee engagement in remote work setup?
(22:50) Willis favorite business book
(23:22) HR leader/ CEO followed by Willis
(24:22 ) Advice for young HR leaders

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