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Redefining The Rules Of Success For Working Women

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Women worldwide find it challenging to balance the demands of their careers and families, making it difficult to concentrate on their professional growth. To handle shifting patterns in the new economy, women must now consider skill-building, reskilling, and upskilling more than ever before.

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This podcast with speaker Anjali Gulati, the founder, and CEO of People Konnect, talks about the different skills that working women must have and how they can empower themselves.

About The Speaker

Anjali lives and breathes People Konnect each day – giving direction to the organization, ideating verticals and offerings to cater to the emerging talent attraction & management needs of the industry, ensuring relationships with key clients, and, most importantly, building a competent team.

She drew strength from her own journey through the 3Ms – Marriage, Mobility & Motherhood to set up People Konnect. Anjali’s vision resulted in Back To the Front, which is a recognized program in the industry today to drive gender diversity and inclusion (D&I) hiring & other mandates in companies and the workforce.

She is focused on enabling clients to drive their vision & purpose and develop mutually rewarding and collaborative relationships. She is a Post Graduate of Human Resources. She worked in companies like Tata Teleservices and ICICI Bank before embarking on her entrepreneurial journey more than 12 years ago.

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Show Notes:

(01:40) Anjali’s journey through the 3Ms – Marriage, Mobility & Motherhood to set up People Konnect.

(05:10) About People Konnect’s ‘Back To The Front’ Campaign.

(10:15) How can HR encourage women who wish to return to work after a break?

(11:54) Fundamental skills that working women need to learn to move closer to gender equality in the workplace?

(14:42) Anjali’s advice to women looking to negotiate a higher remuneration.

(20:44) What should young women who have recently entered the workforce keep in mind?

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