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Redefining Internal Communications In 2022

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It's hard to believe that companies still undervalue or ignore internal communications. They do, however, exist, and we can see their businesses suffer. Solving internal communications offers a sense of peace to the office and makes it more efficient and enjoyable. An effective internal communication plan enables organizations to shift from chaos to calm, especially in these critical times of Covid 19.

In this podcast, our guest speaker Neha talks about internal communication. It's a new, more human world, according to Neha. Now is the time for employers to adopt a more personal and compassionate approach to internal communication, increasing employee engagement. She recognizes the fact that working remotely has made our lives quite difficult. Thus, organizations must discover strategies to support their remote employees in dealing with personal and professional issues. She also talks about how a leader can get honest employee feedback and handle company secrets successfully. Finally, she shares the latest trends in internal communication and ends the show with a simple message.

About The Speaker

Neha Kothari is currently working as the Director of Internal Communications at BYJU’S. Prior to this, Neha was heading the Internal Communications Team at Infosys Limited. She is an accomplished Internal Communications professional, with extensive experience in Journalism and communication across a diverse range of industries like news, media, PR, IT, and Ed-Tech.

She has extensive experience in crafting internal communications strategies, thought leadership, employee engagement, campaign management, employer branding and employee experience.

She is a sports enthusiast, a Bollywood buff, a hopeless dreamer, a compulsive organizer, and a self-proclaimed DIY artist.

Connect with Neha on Linkedin

Show Notes:

(01:13) Please tell us a brief about your journey in the corporate world. How did you come into internal communications?

(02:58) Just like in any relationship, a lack of communication can cause a lot of problems for an organization. It can be hard to recognize signs of poor communication but it has to be pointed out before the damage is done. What are the most common deep-rooted internal communication loopholes, or common pitfalls big corporations make in their communication strategy?

(07:26) How do you look at employee engagement in your organization?

(12:06) How does internal communication differ in small-sized organizations from the biggies?

(14:28) How do you handle company secrets successfully?

(18:00) How do you manage to get honest employee feedback?

(20:40) A few key trends in internal communication in 2022

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