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Recognizing And Overcoming Leadership Blind Spots

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It's disappointing to realize that so many employees are dissatisfied with their work. And the leading cause is leadership. That takes us to the subject of blind spots in leadership. Much research has been done on leadership blind spots, and it has revealed a lot of them.

In this episode, we talk to Paul Glover to know more about these blind spots that lead to patterns of disengagement and self-destruction and what leaders can do about it.

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According to Paul, the most difficult thing you must do as a leader is confront yourself. Finding your blind spots and being absolutely honest with yourself is important. Once you've done that, you'll be able to break the cycle of self-sabotage and achieve more success.

About The Speaker

Paul Glover is a C-Suite Performance Coach with 20+ years of experience as a Federal Court Trial Lawyer. He is a passionate storyteller who believes in the power of narrative to influence and educate in business, personal life, and even courtrooms.

Paul is the author of "WorkQuake," a playbook for leaders who want to navigate the future of work beyond traditional command and control models to more inclusive, engaging environments. Paul is known as the No-B.S. Work Performance Coach Paul is the go-to person for individual leaders and leadership groups who want to improve their personal, organizational, and workforce performance.

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Show Notes:

(02:38) What is a leadership blind spot?

(04:44) What signs can leaders look for to uncover blind spots that lead to disengagement and self-destruction?

(05:37) What is the best way to become aware of their blind spots, and how can they gather the courage to see themselves more clearly?

(07:28) About the different blindspots.

(13:40) How can leaders receive honest employee feedback on them?

(16:03) How can leadership coaching help in the treatment of psychological blind spots?

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