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New Approaches To Workplace Culture

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Culture transformation is highly required for firms aiming to become more agile and inventive. However, developing and maintaining the long-term effects of change is frequently the most difficult component of a cultural transformation. And clearly, it does not happen overnight. The problem is, people generally do not understand how their work fits into the organization's mission and vision. Worse, only a few HR leaders are sure that their organizations understand their culture in the first place. That is why there is a new interest in redefining (or revising) workplace culture diversity and inclusion practices to develop a meaningful link for your people to the work they do and the organization for which they do it.

In this episode of the Vantage Influencers Podcast, Runam Mehta explores what it takes to develop a vibrant company culture, which may lead to a more gratifying, profitable organization.

About The Speaker

Runam Mehta is the CEO of HealthCube, a well-funded health-tech startup in the arena of diagnostic devices. She is a dynamic and vastly experienced professional and has spent over 13 years building businesses and new sales channels in the Indian healthcare industry. Before joining HealthCube as its Chief Growth Officer and later taking the reins as the company’s CEO in less than 9 months, Runam spent close to 7 years at Portea Medical – India’s largest home healthcare company. Runam’s first entrepreneurial stint was as a physiotherapist by profession when she was in her 20s. She started a successful company called Work Ergonomics, intending to spread awareness about postural problems and repetitive stress injuries that increasingly plague the working population.

To know more about Runam, connect with her on Linkedin

Show Notes

(03:33) About Healthcube and Runam’s role as the Chief Executive Officer.

(06:20) Has the pandemic changed workplace culture for the better?

(08:43) How can we as individuals and teams enable ourselves to create a workplace that is innovative, inclusive, and insightful?

(12:05) Is it easy ( or infact, necessary) to inject culture into the people who are full-time remote workers?

(17:15) How do you think workplaces will change in the next 10 years?

(21:35) Resources suggested by Runam Mehta to learn more about workplace culture and its future.

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