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New Age Recognition In The Workplace

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Recognition-rich cultures are the need of the hour. We now need to rethink reward and recognition systems for a better employee experience due to shifting employee expectations. For example, using cutting-edge and creative incentives to recognize outstanding performance with experiential gifts can energize employees and promote their well-being in these crucial times.

The previous few months have seen significant support from technology as well. Digital acceleration enabled company leaders, HR professionals, and executives to adjust quickly and assure workplace collaboration. In the current environment, operational procedures and R&R initiatives continue to benefit from digitization's capacity to improve employee experience and engagement. In this podcast, let's learn more about the new-age recognition in the workplace. Here we discuss a few ideas of new-age employee recognition solutions for greater employee experience, the common mistake that we make in recognition, maintaining equality in rewards and recognition, and much more.

For the conversation today we have with us, Lipika Verma.

About The Speaker

Lipika is currently the Vice President - Rewards and Performance Innovation & Thought Leadership at Schneider Electric. She is responsible for their global Rewards Strategy in this role. She leads the center of expertise for rewards and performance functions. Her focus areas are strategizing total rewards and performance, monitoring industry trends, strategizing and, developing Rewards solutions, planning for multiple initiatives in line with the organizational focus and broadly bringing the vision to life.

Before this role, she was the Director-Rewards for "Global Supply Chain" and was part of the Rewards Global Leadership team, wherein, she provided rewards expertise to the leadership team of GSC. She engaged with teams across countries to align on GSC Rewards strategy, philosophy, performance culture, and organizational policies. Earlier, she led the Rewards function for India and Pacific and, along with that, an extremely important global strategic objective of "Well-being" for Schneider Electric India, wherein she immensely contributed
to the theme and undertook many new initiatives under the Wellbeing banner.

To know more about Lipika, connect with her on Linkedin

Show Notes:

(01:37) About Lipika's path to excellence in rewards, performance innovation, and thought leadership.

(02:40) What is great recognition and what makes it so crucial?

(04:18) Recognition if not done in a proper way, may impact others negatively, causing a lot of envy on teams or attitudes. How to deal with them?

(07:17) Best practices in recognition adopted by Lipika in her organization.

(12:41) Top three mistakes one might make in recognition.

(15:50) What would Lipika want to change in the world of work or leadership?

(17:16) Resources suggested by Lipika.

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The Ultimate Guide to Employee Rewards and Recognition