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Navigating Today's Hiring Challenges in the Corporate World

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In this episode, we have an exciting discussion ahead as we delve into the ever-evolving landscape of talent acquisition. Our conversation will encompass a wide spectrum, ranging from the future of hiring to the evolving face of entrepreneurship in the hands of the future workforce.

But first, let's get to know our guest a bit better. Joining us is Eric Ly, Co-Founder and CEO at KarmaCheck.

About The Speaker

Eric Ly is an entrepreneur who is passionate about combining innovative products, technologies, and business models to create highly successful companies. Eric was a co-founder at LinkedIn, where he worked with a talented team to enable professionals to connect in fundamentally better ways with each other online. Before founding LinkedIn, Eric served as a software engineer and founder of several different technology companies in the blockchain, management, and events sectors.

In his current role at KarmaCheck, he helps companies hire more efficiently and allows anybody to understand their digital identities in any circumstance. Using proprietary technology, data partnerships, and a candidate-centric model, KarmaCheck is the new trust layer for the Internet, from background checks to employment and identity verification.

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Show Notes

(02:00) Lessons from working at large technology companies, and how have they shaped Eric's approach to starting his own company.

(03:30) What motivated Eric to become an entrepreneur, and what were some of the biggest obstacles he had to overcome in those early days?

(04:26) In his view, what are the biggest challenges companies face today regarding hiring?

(06:00) About Karmacheck.

(08:20) Eric's advice to organizations looking to improve their hiring and recruiting process.

(10:56) A glimpse into the upcoming changes and emerging trends in the evolving hiring and recruiting landscape.

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