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Navigating Leadership Through Challenging Business Contractions

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Leading through tough times requires leaders to be resilient, adaptable, and strategic. When businesses face economic challenges or industry changes, leaders must guide their teams through uncertainty while keeping everyone motivated and productive. This means they must take clear actions, communicate openly, and find creative solutions to problems.

In this episode of the Vantage Influencers podcast, we'll discuss practical strategies and principles that leaders can use to navigate these difficult situations and become stronger. Join our host, Susmita Sarma, in conversation with Maya El Husseini, Regional Head of Human Resources at Jubaili Bros.

More About The Speaker

With over 24 years of regional experience spanning the Middle East & Africa, Maya El Husseini has significantly contributed to diverse industries, including Technology, Medical & Surgical, Petrochemical, Retail, Real Estate, Research & Development, and Food & Beverage. Certified in various crucial HR areas such as Employee Experience, Performance Management, and Organizational Competencies, Maya brings a wealth of expertise in HR infrastructure, Talent Acquisition, and Change Management. Her additional proficiency extends to Office Management, encompassing Health & Safety protocols, Budget management, and Event coordination. Maya's holistic approach and deep understanding of Human Capital make her a valuable asset in driving organizational success and fostering a culture of excellence.

Show Notes

(03:03) An overview of the various types of business contractions from Maya's perspective.

(05:15) Important strategies and tactics that leaders can employ to navigate the delicate balance of maintaining stability and driving growth during challenging times.

(07:27) One of the biggest dilemmas leaders face during business contractions is making tough decisions for immediate survival while investing in the organization's future. How can leaders effectively navigate this balancing act?

(09:45) Amidst uncertainty, ensuring employee well-being and sustaining employee engagement are crucial. Maya shares insightful initiatives to implement during such challenging times.

(12:05) Why are reskilling and upskilling so crucial for businesses striving to remain competitive?

(13:55) How can leaders successfully cultivate the art of empathy and resilience, especially during periods of business contraction?

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