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Murdering Mediocrity: How To Move From Mediocre to Magnificent

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When you're stuck in life, and all you want to do is get out of the atmosphere you're in because it's not allowing you enough space to do something significant, you know you're being mediocre and settling for "adequate."

Fact check: 75 percent of us fall into mediocrity without even realizing it. We continue believing that we still have the fire that got us to begin. But the truth is rather different. So are the outcomes. And then again, some people are like, "What's wrong with being mediocre?"

Let's break all the bubbles today with this podcast. It will help you question how you've been living your life and gives some quick tips so that you don't have to struggle with mediocrity and how you can move from a mediocre to a magnificent life.

In this episode, we talked about Murdering Mediocrity with our guest speaker, Shilpa Kulshrestha, a multi-awardee Game-Changing Career Coach, TEDx Speaker, Bestselling author of "Play it Full," and Founder of Scintillate Coaching.

About The Speaker

Shilpa Kulshrestha, after over two decades of corporate experience, came to the realization that life is a game to be enjoyed, to breathe, to be happy and at peace with oneself, not a battleground to die in. She began with career coaching because of her capacity to produce outcomes for her clients. She is renowned for having the Midas Touch. She developed the distinctive philosophy of "Murdering Mediocrity," which has helped professionals get access to their power zone and fast achieve promotions by stepping up on their social, interpersonal, and performance capital. Her sincere, unconventional ways of helping have given seniors access to prominent positions and high-paying job opportunities.

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Show Notes:

(01:35) Please brief us about yourself and your journey in the corporate world.

(06:30) What do you mean by mediocrity?

(11:15) What makes us mediocre?

(11:25) What breeds mediocrity among HR professionals?

(15:37) How can we step from mediocrity to magnificence in the world?

(17:33) What’s your advice to HR professionals?

(19:27) Any resource you want to suggest to our listeners to know more about what we discussed today?

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