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Mastering the Art of Strategic Leadership

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Strategic thinking is crucial in all aspects of life, including business, non-profits, and governments, as well as personal and professional development.

In this podcast, Stephanie Bown talks about the key to strategic leadership. She highlights the fact that there are numerous outdated leadership models, but it is now time for everyone to embrace strategic leadership. Organizations should think about two things to support strategic thinking.

The first focuses on inclusiveness during the strategy development process. To experience a sense of bind, everyone should be involved. Another thing to do is to encourage strategic thinking within the company. Employees should be encouraged to spend 20% of their time creating and 80% of their time executing. And there has to be some outstanding innovation involved. In fact, a future of job assessment lists creativity as one of the top five abilities necessary today. Getting teams together and taking a step back to consider what our vision and mission are can be a terrific way to inspire creative thinking. This will stimulate our minds, and enable us to perform at our best.

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About The Speaker-

Stephanie is a business performance specialist. Like a personal trainer for business– she works with founders and leaders to improve their leadership fitness.

Regularly consulting with some of Australia’s most inspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders, Stephanie’s evidence-based embeds performance cultures and yields outstanding results.

Since Stephanie was in her early teens, she has been studying the deep inner workings of the mind. Having completed over nine years of tertiary education in psychology and organization dynamics; as well as professional accreditations invalidated psychometric tools; Stephanie has devoted her life to discovering the conditions that lead to thriving individuals, teams, and organizations.

After 10 years as a management consultant and then, in-house Performance Partner for Swisse Wellness prior to their record sale to Hong Kong-listed Biostime, Stephanie relocated her family to Byron Bay, NSW, to found her own practice. Stephanie’s purpose is to deliver life-changing learning experiences.

In 2020 she published her first book: “Purpose, Passion & Performance: How systems for leadership, culture, and strategy drive the 3Ps of high performing organization

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Show Notes:

(01:05) Please brief us about your journey in the corporate world.

(03:15) It is thought to be something that must be learned rather than something that comes naturally. As a result, learning about the mindset & behaviors one wants to represent will help one become a better strategic leader. So, what are the top characteristics of a good strategic leader that you want your listeners to know?

(05:55) What are the key things that strategic leaders do consistently well?

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(08:25) Do you believe that strategic leadership is better than the traditional manager’s approach? What are the pros of having a strategic leader?

(13:12) But like almost everything else, strategic leadership is not something without flaws. It would be great if you highlight the weaknesses of strategic leadership.

(16:14) Many corporate leaders fail as a result of poor decisions made in their positions. Undoubtedly, they must embrace the importance of good decision-making, isn’t it? Having said that, As a strategic leader, what are the most critical decisions one can make?

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(19:18) How to encourage and develop an overall strategic thinking organization?

(22:34) Strategic thinking consists of 3 phases that show where we are now, where we want to be, and how we will get there. For this, we need certain components to be in place, and that might range from tools for analysis, action planning, a purpose, a strong vision, and most importantly, strong core values.

What are your thoughts on the importance of core values in strategic leadership? How do you make sure that your company and its actions are in line with them?

(25:55) Along with strategies, creativity is no longer optional in organizations today. In fact, people are saying that creative thinking is the only business strategy that we need now. It would be fantastic if you could provide a few fast tactics for sharpening creative juices in strategic leadership.

(29:00) It would be great if you could give some real-life examples of strategic leadership situations?

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