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Leadership Trust - The Secret Sauce Behind Employee Engagement

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Trust is never a choice for leaders, and today's leaders are more aware of the importance of maintaining it. But what happens when trust is broken? Can we gain it back? Stay tuned to this podcast as Philippa Mathewson shares her thoughts on why it's critical to design, measure, and monitor trust throughout an organization's operations.

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About The Speaker

Philippa Mathewson is an experienced and accomplished high-performing senior leader with 40 years of experience. She has worked in People and Culture Development and Changes across various sectors, including financial, travel, and professional services. She has held senior leadership roles in Customer Service, Sales, Global Transitions, Talent, and Employee Engagement.

She has initiated, created, executed, and led operational strategies for global organizations throughout her career. She is an expert in developing and delivering employee engagement strategies and plans, company culture initiatives, end-to-end design and delivery of leadership curricula, managing global training projects, behavioral skills training, and talent and performance management. She has created award-winning initiatives in Europe, Africa, Asia, America, and the Middle East. Philippa has led remote and multi-cultural teams within fast-moving environments, where she has achieved exceptional results. These include migrating over 2,000 roles from the UK to India, leading a global reward and recognition program for over 45,000 employees, delivering the highest Employee Engagement Scores within Barclays Bank, and leading and embedding organizational culture and values across multiple sites.

In her role as an Employee Engagement Expert, Philippa inspires leaders to build a sustainable culture of employee engagement so that every employee ‘falls in love’ with their organization. She achieves this through identifying core strengths and areas of opportunity for individuals, teams, and organizations through her unique 4xE model - Envision, Energize, Enable and Enhance. She creates bespoke interventions, including programs and workshops, using up-to-date solutions and methodologies that enable organizations to achieve their business goals.

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Show Notes:

(01:10) About Philippa's path to leadership.

(07:30) About Philippa's leadership style with so many years of global experience specializing in Employee Engagement, Company Culture, and Leadership Development/Enablement across multiple business sectors.

(15:36) Some of the most effective employee engagement initiatives Philippa has taken up in her career and seen great results with.

(27:20) Philippa's tips on how we can ensure that trust in leadership is nurtured and developed within our organizations.

(36:18) Many business leaders consider themselves to be continuous learners. What leadership lessons have Philippa learned lately?

(38:54) What would Philippa want to change in the world of work or leadership, if given a chance?

(40:00) Resources suggested by Philippa.

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