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Knowledge Sharing at Work: What You Need To Know

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Without a doubt, automation and technology have advanced to the point where most organizations can utilize them. But, whoever has the most knowledge and the most effective methods for sharing them, wins the most benefits. Knowledge acquisition, research and data-based tactics, and effective application of that information's analysis have been proven to be the most significant. Yes, it's as significant as the Industrial or Agricultural Revolutions.

So what effect does knowledge sharing have at work? How can we foster a culture of information sharing and creativity in the workplace, and most importantly, why should we do so?

It's time to get deeper insights on this topic from our expert guest for this episode: Omkar Pandharkame.

About The Speaker

Omkar is Co-Founder & CEO at BHyve. Omkar has completed his organizational psychology degree from the Higher School of Economics, Moscow, and has worked extensively in Indian Academia. Previously he was a Program Director at ISME & ISDI, Mumbai. He has previously also worked with Netherlands Education Ministry and Romanian Youth Ministry to launch initiatives to promote youth entrepreneurship. Omkar has trained over 80,000 Students and 600 School principals in the domain of design thinking & educational psychology.

Omkar was also the Co-founder of Desi Hangover. This social enterprise has sold over 5 Lakh Kolhapuri Shoes across seven countries. Omkar has been a visiting Faculty at TISS, Mumbai, UPG, Mumbai, and SRCC Delhi.

Connect with Omkar on Linkedin

Show Notes:

(01:40) Introducing Omkar and Bhyve to our audience.

(02:33) Concept of knowledge sharing and related things to understand.

(04:59) Benefits of knowledge sharing.

(07:35) Problems with knowledge sharing in companies today

(10:05) Some of the best approaches to improve your internal knowledge-sharing structure.

(14:15) Omkar's final thoughts.

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